• Bertien van Manen @Andrea Meislin

    Great unexpected angle/vantage point in this Bertien van Manen image in the sleep themed show at Andrea Meislin Gallery.

  • Eliot Porter @Paula Cooper

    Half landscapes, half birds at the Eliot Porter show at Paula Cooper.

  • Daniel Gordon @Wallspace

    A recent Daniel Gordon constructed face in the anniversary show at Wallspace. Picasso-esque, but still photographic.

  • Susan Meiselas @Galerie Lelong

    Late 80s B/W panoramas of US/Mexico border drop sites. Susan Meiselas in the group show at Galerie Lelong.

  • Lorraine O’Grady @PPOW

    Lookalike paired portraits of young women and Egyptian statues. Lorraine O’Grady in Skin Trade at PPOW Gallery.

  • Robert Kinmont @Alexander and Bonin

    Quirky late 60s conceptualism – Robert Kinmont’s favorite dirt roads portfolio at Alexander and Bonin.

  • Scott Alario @ClampArt

    Nude lost in the textural, all-over patterns of indoor plants. Scott Alario in the RISD MFA show at ClampArt.

  • Mac Adams @Elizabeth Dee

    Cinematic diptychs with elusive, enigmatic narratives. Mac Adams at Elizabeth Dee.

  • Lisa Tan @Simon Preston

    Typology of overgrown, ivy-covered tombstones. Lisa Tan in the summer group show at Simon Preston.

  • Rosalind Solomon @Bruce Silverstein

    Rosalind Solomon’s honest/tender 1980s “Portraits in the Time of AIDS” project, revisited at Bruce Silverstein.

  • Alfredo Jaar @Peter Blum

    Alfredo Jaar’s haunting portfolio of Robben Island prison scenes, in the group show at Peter Blum.

  • Jane and Louise Wilson @303 Gallery

    The ruins of Pripyat (‘Atomgrad’) measured by an O’Sullivan-like yardstick. Jane and Louise Wilson at 303 Gallery.

  • Akram Zaatari @MoMA

    Video interviews explore the lost pathways of Arab photographic history/memory. Akram Zaatari at MoMA.

  • Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons @Stephan Stoyanov

    The dark despair of mourning. María Magdalena Campos-Pons in the summer group show at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery.

  • Thrush Holmes @Feature Inc.

    Photocollage of gold bunting, palm fronds, and a floral dress. Thrush Holmes in the summer group show at Feature Inc.

  • Christopher Boffoli @Winston Wächter

    Fishing in the hole of a bagel with cream cheese. Christopher Boffoli at Winston Wächter Fine Art.

  • Optimism in photographic edition sizing

    Optimism in photographic edition sizing.

  • Mika Rottenberg @Untitled

    A layered world of plywood, pressboard, wooden boxes and naked limbs. Mika Rottenberg in the Jew York show at Untitled.

  • Demetrius Oliver @Louis B. James

    Modified star charts where constellations are replaced by images of animal fur. Demetrius Oliver at Louis B. James.

  • Sol LeWitt outside the Mondrian SoHo

    Sol LeWitt’s photo mural of graffiti and urban signage. Outside on the street at the Mondrian SoHo.