• Ebony G. Patterson @Hales

    A swaying figure surrounded by an effervescent jumble of collaged garden. Ebony G. Patterson at Hales Gallery.

  • Christopher Makos @Daniel Cooney

    Assembling Halston from head to toe. Christopher Makos (from the 1980s) at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

  • Soumya Sankar Bose @Baxter St at CCNY

    A gentle drape of mosquito netting tumbling like a waterfall. Soumya Sankar Bose in the Just Wide Enough to Hold the Weight group show at Baxter St at CCNY. Our review of the artist’s 2020 photobook Where the Birds Never Sing can be found here.

  • Karen Knorr @Sundaram Tagore

    The serene calm of the Amer Fort in Jaipur, populated with a peacock. Karen Knorr (from 2021) at Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

  • David Claerbout @Sean Kelly

    Reconstructing a 1920s era amateur film with an infusion of digital 3D rendering, creating a hyper-real study of a young boy. David Claerbout at Sean Kelly Gallery.

  • Mary Beth Edelson @David Lewis

    Dematerializing into a cloud of colored spots. Mary Beth Edelson (from 1973) at David Lewis Gallery.

  • Zach Nader @Microscope

    Printing an apple motif over a dizzying network of acrylic lines. Zach Nader at Microscope Gallery.

  • Annette Lemieux @Mitchell-Innes & Nash

    A face of disgust, behind a peeling field of stars. Annette Lemieux at Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

  • Barbara Ess @Sikkema Jenkins

    A set of dark hazy stairs and an imposing mood. Barbara Ess in the Gravity, A Proposal group show at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

  • Duane Michals @DC Moore

    Representing passing time as a sweep of shifting clocks. Duane Michals at DC Moore Gallery.

  • Found a Unique Fred Cray Photograph

    Layers of compressed wrinkles, connecting an enlarger to joggers. A unique Fred Cray photograph, found in the MoMA bookshop.

  • John Miller @Maxwell Graham/Essex Street

    Interrupting the geometries of architecture with painted interventions and mirror fragments. John Miller at Maxwell Graham/Essex Street.

  • Josephine Pryde @Reena Spaulings

    Extending the contents of a tiled bathroom shelf into a frieze of still life detail. Josephine Pryde at Reena Spaulings Fine Art.

  • Momo Okabe @Fotografiska

    Post-surgery confidence, in lime green. Momo Okabe in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska.

  • Joana Choumali @Fotografiska

    Hybridizing the notion of feminine bodies, using fragments of African-manufactured mannequins. Joana Choumali in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska.

  • Denisse Ariana Pérez @Fotografiska

    A contemplative moment floating in the water. Denisse Ariana Pérez in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska.

  • Dana Scruggs @Fotografiska

    Physical grace and introspective vulnerability in a reclining male nude. Dana Scruggs in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska.

  • Lotte van Raalte @Fotografiska

    A confusing tangle of intertwined bodies. Lotte van Raalte in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska. Van Raalte’s self-published photobook from 2020 was reviewed here.

  • Malerie Marder @Fotografiska

    An intimate arrangement of bodies, rebalanced by uninterested stares. Malerie Marder in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska.

  • Elinor Carucci @Fotografiska

    Looking at midlife with nuance and empathy. Elinor Carucci in the NUDE group show at Fotografiska.