• Mike Jackson @Foley

    Layers of orbs and arcs in delicate luminogram abstractions. Mike Jackson in the back room at Foley Gallery.

  • Tracey Moffatt @Tyler Rollins

    Building narratives from expressively blurred diptychs. Tracey Moffatt at Tyler Rollins Fine Art.

  • Mario Schifano @Nathalie Karg

    Stopping time via photographic TV transfers to canvas. Mario Schifano at Nathalie Karg Gallery.

  • Ryan Foerster @Baxter St at CCNY

    Chance-driven chemigram residues in soft pink. Ryan Foerster at Baxter St. at CCNY.

  • Valie Export @MoMA

    Arching her body around a curve of pavement. Valie Export in Artist’s Choice: Amy Sillman at MoMA.

  • Senga Nengudi @MoMA

    Reimagining the shape of her body, almost like an ankh. Senga Nengudi in Artist’s Choice: Amy Sillman at MoMA.

  • Dayanita Singh @MoMA

    Reimagining museum display space with folding screens. Dayanita Singh in the Surrounds group show at MoMA.

  • Sadie Benning @MoMA

    Integrating physical objects and layers of imagery. Sadie Benning in the Surrounds group show at MoMA.

  • Michael Wolf @Bruce Silverstein

    Pressed up against the glass in the Tokyo subway. Michael Wolf at Bruce Silverstein Gallery.

  • Maroesjka Lavigne @Robert Mann

    Following a wooden boardwalk into rusty hills. Maroesjka Lavigne at Robert Mann Gallery.

  • Valérie Six @United Photo Industries

    Using shadow and light to divide an urban scene. Valérie Six in the Female in Focus group show at United Photo Industries.

  • Fiona Morris @United Photo Industries

    Weary Australian “meter maids” on a break. Fiona Morris in the Female in Focus group show at United Photo Industries.

  • Katinka Schuett @United Photo Industries

    The unlikely incongruity of a delicate religious icon in a sleek high tech space. Katinka Schuett in the Female in Focus group show at United Photo Industries.

  • Ebony G. Patterson @Hales

    Monumental cut paper collages, densely layered like perforated jungles. Ebony G. Patterson at Hales Gallery.

  • Eileen Quinlan @Miguel Abreu

    A surreal setup of foam blocks and mannequin hands. Eileen Quinlan in the Encore group show at Miguel Abreu Gallery.

  • Weronika Gesicka @Elizabeth Houston

    Dissolving into a leopard print counter. Weronika Gesicka in the SHE group show at Elizabeth Houston Gallery.

  • Dayanita Singh @Callicoon

    Shimmering black and white iterations of architectural forms. Dayanita Singh in the Celebrating Geoffrey Bawa group show at Callicoon Fine Arts.

  • Mary Ellen Bartley @Yancey Richardson

    The elemental geometries of dyed-edge paperbacks. Mary Ellen Bartley at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • David Hilliard @Yancey Richardson

    Interlocked perceptions of a quiet moment. David Hilliard at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • Elsa & Johanna @Paris Photo 2019

    Taking on carefully calibrated roles on a cross country road trip. Elsa & Johanna (at Galerie La Forest Divonne) in the CURIOSA section of Paris Photo 2019.