• Sebastiaan Bremer @Edwynn Houk

    Faces drifting into blur, covered with intricate dot patterns. Sebastiaan Bremer at Edwynn Houk Gallery.

  • Hank Willis Thomas @Jack Shainman

    Hiding January 6th US Capitol rioters behind retroreflective television color bars. Hank Willis Thomas at Jack Shainman Gallery.

  • Jonas Bendiksen @Apexart

    Playing improvised cricket amid the hulking electrical towers. Jonas Bendiksen in the Kafala: Migrant Labor in the Arabian Peninsula group show at Apexart.

  • Daniel Terna @Jack Barrett

    The up close intimacy of assisted stretches on the couch. Daniel Terna at Jack Barrett Gallery.

  • Matthew Placek @Baxter St at CCNY

    Fleeting motion reduced to warm color. Matthew Placek at Baxter St at CCNY.

  • Marti Wilkerson @Participant Inc.

    Layered shadows and a slasher horror aesthetic. Marti Wilkerson at Participant Inc.

  • Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba @Mizuma & Kips

    The cosmic textures found at the bottom of a rice cooker. Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba at Mizuma & Kips.

  • Jean Pierre Raynaud @Bienvenu Steinberg & J

    The artist’s signature flower pot floating through space. Jean Pierre Raynaud at Bienvenu Steinberg & J.

  • Marcia Kure @Susan Inglett

    Representing post-colonial grief in collage form. Marcia Kure at Susan Inglett Gallery.

  • Lynsey Addario @SVA Chelsea Gallery

    Pulling water from a well in drought stricken Ethiopia. Lynsey Addario (from 2021) at the SVA Chelsea Gallery.

  • Edward Steichen @Morgan Library

    The imposing visage of J.P. Morgan, emerging from the surrounding darkness. Edward Steichen (from 1903) in the J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library: Building the Bookman’s Paradise show at the Morgan Library and Museum.

  • Ernst Scheel @Met

    Texture and shadow inside a gas tank. Ernst Scheel (from c1930) in the second floor hallway at the Met.

  • Tina Modotti @Met

    The flattened perspective of an oil tank and an angled ladder, with a worker perched at the top. Tina Modotti (from 1927) in the second floor hallway at the Met.

  • José Martínez Sánchez/Juan Laurent @Met

    A far off figure, as seen through the receding geometric lines of a train bridge. José Martínez Sánchez/Juan Laurent (from 1867) in the second floor hallway at the Met.

  • Felipe Romero Beltrán @Baxter St at CCNY

    Collaboratively exploring the in-between lives of Moroccan immigrants in Spain. Felipe Romero Beltrán at Baxter St at CCNY.

  • Ahmet Ertuğ @Bruce Silverstein

    A telescoping view of Turkish palatial opulence. Ahmet Ertuğ at Bruce Silverstein Gallery.

  • Pixy Liao @Asia Society

    Paired pushing and leaning, playing with roles, balance, and interdependence. Pixy Liao in the Mirror Image: A Transformation of Chinese Identity group show at the Asia Society.

  • Abe Frajndlich @Staley-Wise

    The visual echo between a twist of hair and Georgia O’Keeffe’s abstracted animal bones. Abe Frajndlich (from 1973) in the Art + Fashion group show at Staley-Wise Gallery.

  • Genevieve Naylor @Staley-Wise

    Casual posing in Alexander Calder’s studio. Genevieve Naylor (from 1948) in the Art + Fashion group show at Staley-Wise Gallery.

  • Sheila Metzner @Staley-Wise

    The tactile intimacy of statue and model. Sheila Metzner (from 1986) in the Art + Fashion group show at Staley-Wise Gallery.