• Jane Hammond @Galerie Lelong

    Stitching together a downed plane and a gaggle of feral children. Jane Hammond at Galerie Lelong.

  • Shen Wei @Flowers

    The all-over patterning of floating watermelons. Shen Wei at Flowers Gallery.

  • Dove Allouche @Peter Freeman

    Gestural abstract sweeps across shimmering silver. Dove Allouche at Peter Freeman.

  • Ryan McGinley @Team

    Tangled blood and rivets under the edge of a car. Early Ryan McGinley at Team Gallery.

  • Liz Deschenes @Hauser & Wirth

    Iterations in delicate blue. Liz Deschenes in the Serialities group show at Hauser & Wirth.

  • Zoe Leonard @Hauser & Wirth

    The shifting tonalities of vintage postcards. Zoe Leonard in the Serialities group show at Hauser & Wirth.

  • Sophie Calle @Hauser & Wirth

    Shooting target faces with banded eyes. Sophie Calle in the Serialities group show at Hauser & Wirth.

  • Kishin Shinoyama @Steven Kasher

    Reducing bodies to high contrast black and white. Kishin Shinoyama in the Three Masters of Erotic Photography show at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • San Haskins @Steven Kasher

    Nude under a wall of artistic inspiration. Sam Haskins in the Three Masters of Erotic Photography show at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Glenna Gordon @Half King

    Muslim women balancing tradition and romance writing. Glenna Gordon at the Half King.

  • W. Eugene Smith @Howard Greenberg

    The rich tonalities of a coal darkened faces. W. Eugene Smith at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Weegee @Howard Greenberg

    Bedding down with the caged giraffes. Weegee at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Beuford Smith @Keith De Lellis

    The surreal darkness of a doll in the gutter and a boy under a tarp. Beuford Smith at Keith De Lellis Gallery.

  • Duane Hanson @Aperture

    Polaroids in search of everyday gestures. Duane Hanson at Aperture Gallery.

  • John Stezaker @Independent

    Shoehorning European bookplates into African sculptural forms. John Stezaker in the The Approach booth at the Independent.

  • Willa Nasatir @Independent

    Layers of intermingled reflective distortion. Willa Nasatir in the Chapter NY booth at the Independent.

  • Martin Klimas @Volta

    Coaxing abstract color distortion out of transparent films. New Martin Klimas in the Foley Gallery booth at Volta NY.

  • Scott McFarland @Fort Gansevoort

    The intermingled swirls of backlit clouds and light leaks. Scott McFarland at Fort Gansevoort.

  • Uta Barth @Tanya Bonakdar

    Morandi-inspired bottle forms illuminated by flares of light. Uta Barth at Tanya Bonakdar.

  • Ruddy Roye @Aperture

    The symbolic distress of a tattered flag. Ruddy Roye in the Collective Thinking, For Freedoms show at Aperture.