• Gail Albert Halaban @Edwynn Houk

    A voyeuristic view into a ballet studio surrounded by flattened city facades. Gail Albert Halaban at Edwynn Houk Gallery.

  • Elise Peterson @Baxter St at CCNY

    A tentative step into crinked uncertainty. Elise Peterson at Baxter Street at CCNY.

  • Constantin Brancusi @Bruce Silverstein

    Adding textural dark flowers to a study of light smooth surfaces. Constantin Brancusi at Bruce Silverstein Gallery.

  • Lisa Kereszi @Yancey Richardson

    The descriptive exhortations of neon signage. Lisa Kereszi at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • Liz Johnson Artur @Brooklyn Museum

    Filtering black faces through textured tints and flares. Liz Johnson Artur at the Brooklyn Museum.

  • Sheree Hovsepian @Higher Pictures

    Layers of curves in various media. Sheree Hovsepian at Higher Pictures.

  • John Baldessari @Marian Goodman

    Overpainting the paired extremes of icebergs and volcanoes. John Baldessari at Marian Goodman Gallery.

  • Erwin Olaf @Edwynn Houk

    The stylized tension of a pregnant woman and groceries. Erwin Olaf at Edwynn Houk Gallery.

  • Idris Khan @Sean Kelly

    The gestural sweeps of painted windows. Idris Khan in the basement at Sean Kelly Gallery.

  • Jeff Wall @Gagosian

    Turning a child’s rest on the sidewalk into a resonant moment. Jeff Wall at Gagosian Gallery.

  • Wardell Milan @David Nolan

    Collaging Mapplethorpe and Baltrop into encounters in nature. Wardell Milan at David Nolan Gallery.

  • Aziz + Cucher @ClampArt

    A photographic aggregation of dramatic gestures rethought as Jacquard tapestry. Aziz + Cucher at ClampArt.

  • Sunil Gupta @Hales

    Tracking pedestrians on Christopher Street in 1976. Sunil Gupta at Hales Gallery.

  • Katarzyna Kozyra @Postmasters

    The biting inversions of a burka-clad woman walking naked male dogs. Katarzyna Kozyra at Postmasters.

  • Dmitry Markov @agnès b.

    The risk taking improvisation of boys showing off for girls. Dmitry Markov at agnès b. Galerie.

  • Todd Gray @David Lewis

    Overlapped juxtapositions of European and African architecture/gardens, intermingling the contrasts of colonialism. Todd Gray at David Lewis Gallery.

  • Jheyda McGarrell @Team

    Voyeuristic interruption and a turn of the shoulder. Jheyda McGarrell in the Scenes of the American Landscape group show at Team Gallery.

  • Dash Snow @Participant

    The textural passion of explosive destruction. Dash Snow at Participant Inc.

  • Barbara Ess @Magenta Plains

    The impressionistic textural uncertainty of surveillance stills. Barbara Ess at Magenta Plains.

  • Nadav Kander @Flowers

    Capturing the moody Thames estuary in the manner of a Chinese scroll. Nadav Kander at Flowers Gallery.