• Dietmar Busse @FIERMAN

    The artist’s mother blanketed by expressive chemical overpainting. Dietmar Busse at FIERMAN.

  • Sean Fader @Denny

    Recasting the motif of “sugar daddy”, via investigations into a Gilded Age sugar magnate and the author Danielle Steel. Sean Fader at Denny Gallery.

  • Joe Ray @Bortolami

    The reflective glare of early 1970s Louisiana. Joe Ray at Bortolami Gallery.

  • Trisha Donnelly @Matthew Marks

    Clouded back-to-back skyscapes, like Rorschach tests. Trisha Donnelly at Matthew Marks Gallery.

  • Simon Benjamin @Baxter St at CCNY

    Interrupting the tropical stereotypes of Caribbean travel postcards. Simon Benjamin at Baxter St at CCNY.

  • Tessa Boffin @Hales

    Safe sex allegory in the late 1980s climate of AIDS. Tessa Boffin at Hales Gallery.

  • Bruno Roels @Howard Greenberg

    A dense grid of model palm tree silhouettes, almost like typography. Bruno V. Roels at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Pola Sieverding @Signs and Symbols

    Dangling prints on gauze, where enlarged body parts surround and shimmer. Pola Sieverding at Signs and Symbols.

  • John Stezaker @Petzel

    Merging two negative silhouettes, creating a mixed echo of location and gender. John Stezaker at Petzel Gallery.

  • Katherine Hubbard @Company

    The disorienting doubled reflection of the artist’s mother in the bathtub. Katherine Hubbard at Company Gallery.

  • Pat McCarthy @NADA New York

    Photocopied pigeons transformed into a zine quilt. Pat McCarthy in the Entrance booth at NADA New York.

  • David Kennedy Cutler @NADA New York

    Photographic transfers to canvas, intricately layered via sculptural cutouts, doubling, and bent back redirection. David Kennedy Cutler in the Halsey McKay booth at NADA New York.

  • Kazuhito Tanaka @NADA New York

    Creating a nuanced dialogue between painted surfaces and photographic color. Kazuhito Tanaka in the Kana Kawanishi booth at NADA New York.

  • Maria Hupfield @NADA New York

    Performatively posing with felt triangles covered with jingle cones, recasting Indigenous traditions and motifs. Maria Hupfield in the Patel Brown booth at NADA New York.

  • Marilyn Minter @LGDR

    Slippery distortion in angled washes. Marilyn Minter at LGDR.

  • Carrie Mae Weems @LGDR

    Flanked by encroaching columns and looking out at the freedom of wide open space. Carrie Mae Weems (from 2003) in the Rear View group show at LGDR.

  • Larry Rivers @LGDR

    Doubling and reflecting a nude form via sculptural photomontage. Larry Rivers (from 1970) in the Rear View group show at LGDR.

  • Harry Callahan @LGDR

    Carefully arranging contrasts, with a shaft of light placed across a shoulder. Harry Callahan in the Rear View group show at LGDR.

  • Krista Svalbonas @Klompching

    Soviet-era apartment blocks set against laser-cut Baltic textile designs. Krista Svalbonas in the Paperwork show at Klompching Gallery.

  • Ji Zhou @Arsenal Gallery

    Turning branches, leaves, and flowers into a thicket of dense all-over texture. Ji Zhou at the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park.