• Jeff Wall @Gagosian

    Surveyors at work in expansive emptiness. Jeff Wall in the LA Invitational group show at Gagosian Gallery.

  • Florian Maier-Aichen @303

    A dense gestural abstraction made from layers of Photoshop lassos. Florian Maier-Aichen at 303 Gallery.

  • Ben Cauchi @Yossi Milo

    Using the ambrotype process to explore the intimate textures of crumpled paper. Ben Cauchi at Yossi Milo Gallery.

  • Goldschmied & Chiari @Kristen Lorello

    Layered mirrors of dissolving colored smoke. Goldschmied & Chiari at Kristen Lorello.

  • Jonathan Monaghan @Bitforms

    The dystopian luxury of gold-plated surveillance. Jonathan Monaghan at Bitforms.

  • Manuel Álvarez Bravo @Throckmorton

    A wispy double exposure over the famous legs. Manuel Álvarez Bravo in the Surrealismo group show at Throckmorton Fine Art.

  • Lola Álvarez Bravo @Throckmorton

    A spiraling collage of information processing. Lola Álvarez Bravo in the Surrealismo group show at Throckmorton Fine Art.

  • William Anders @Skinner

    Delicate Earthrise over the moon. William Anders in the 11/2 The Beauty of Space photo sale at Skinner.

  • Yang Fudong @Walther Collection

    Wild dogs scavenging the carcass of Chinese village life. Yang Fudong at the Walther Collection.

  • Tanya Marcuse @Julie Saul

    Adding massive scale to all-over arrangements of natural detritus. Tanya Marcuse at Julie Saul Gallery.

  • Paolo Ventura @Edwynn Houk

    Painterly constructed stories filled with wartime memories. Paolo Ventura at Edwynn Houk Gallery.

  • Paul Bulteel @Anastasia Photo

    A dense tangle of salvaged cabling. Paul Bulteel at Anastasia Photo.

  • Pacifico Silano @Rubber Factory

    Piecing together the celebrity of JFK Jr. Pacifico Silano at Rubber Factory.

  • Andreas Gefeller @Sous Les Etoiles

    Pushing the city into overexposed brightness. Andreas Gefeller at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery.

  • Sze Tsung Leong @Danziger

    Reducing Venice to perfect flatness. Sze Tsung Leong at Danziger Gallery.

  • Lawrence Schiller @Heritage

    Alfred Hitchcock in the side mirror. Lawrence Schiller (from 1962) in the 10/11 Photographs auction at Heritage Auctions.

  • Claude Iverné @Aperture

    The all-over tangle of plastic chairs. Claude Iverné at Aperture Gallery.

  • Edward Ranney @Deborah Bell

    The deeply inscribed lines of the Peruvian desert. Edward Ranney at Deborah Bell Photographs.

  • Ana Mendieta @Met Breuer

    Using a glass plate to create unsettling distortion. Ana Mendieta in the Delirious group show at the Met Breuer.

  • Carlos Ginzburg @Henrique Faria

    A scathing mockery of the tourist experience. Carlos Ginzburg at Henrique Faria Fine Art.