• Ezra Stoller @Yossi Milo

    The gridded geometric lines of Ezra Stoller’s 1950 DuPont chemical plant. At Yossi Milo.

  • Katrina del Mar @Participant

    A layered composition of red pillows, a mirror, and hula-hooping on grandma’s bed. Katrina del Mar at Participant.

  • Dirk Stewen @Tanya Bonakdar

    The wispy, twisting, black lines of doubled rose twigs. Dirk Stewen at Tanya Bonakdar.

  • Sabine Hornig @Tanya Bonakdar

    Sculptural combinations of photographic scrims, probing transparency and reflection. Sabine Hornig at Tanya Bonakdar.

  • Hrvoje Slovenc @Helac Fine Art

    Fragmented, interrupted, portrait reflections in black and white by Hrvoje Slovenc at Helac Fine Art.

  • Ryan McGinley in the back of a taxi

    Back of the cab video short: Ryan McGinley’s red headed city runner.

  • Adam Fuss book jacket

    Book jacket photography – an Adam Fuss water baby photogram.

  • Mónika Sziládi @Garis & Hahn

    A layered Martin Parr-ish tornado of ladies and cameras by Mónika Sziládi in the all Yale group show at Garis & Hahn.

  • Ishmael Randall Weeks @Eleven Rivington

    Clustered rectangular build ups/cut outs raise/excavate the picture plane. Ishmael Randall Weeks at Eleven Rivington.

  • Jessica Labatte @Horton Gallery

    Jessica Labatte’s cut paper photo abstractions are like angular flattened origami. In the back gallery at Horton Gallery.

  • Toilet Paper magazine

    Picked up back issues of Toilet Paper mag at Printed Matter last week. Surreal, subversive, impolite, and brilliant.

  • Zachary Norman @Mixed Greens

    Zachary Norman’s floating geometric solids in the Color Shift group show at Mixed Greens.

  • Barbara Bloom @Tracy Williams

    Barbara Bloom’s early 1980s fake travel posters are still wonderfully slippery and arch. At Tracy Williams.

  • David LaChapelle @Paul Kasmin

    David LaChapelle’s vandalized wax museum heads in cardboard boxes. At Paul Kasmin Gallery.

  • Edward Burtynsky @Howard Greenberg

    This aerial image from Edward Burtynsky’s recent pivot irrigation series reminds me of a circuit board. At Howard Greenberg.

  • Barb Choit @Rachel Uffner

    Barb Choit’s faded shop window hairstyle charts at Rachel Uffner.

  • Ken Fandell @Tomlinson Kong

    Ken Fandell’s slashing, abstract, laser light photographs at Tomlinson Kong.

  • Donald Sultan @Janet Borden

    Dark, wispy 1990s smoke ring abstractions by Donald Sultan. In the back room at Janet Borden.

  • Kodak colorama prints @Grand Central

    A nostalgically bright and kitchy world in super wide Kodak colorama prints at the NY Transit Museum in Grand Central Terminal.

  • Hank Willis Thomas @Jack Shainman

    Wish there was more photography (just this one set) at Hank Willis Thomas’ vibrantly shrewd show at Jack Shainman.