• Gauri Gill @Thomas Erben

    The clear eyed, determined faces of Indian girls. Gauri Gill at Thomas Erben.

  • Yang Yongliang @RH Contemporary Art

    Stylized misty hills made of impossibly dense apartments and electrical towers. Yang Yongliang at RH Contemporary Art.

  • Richard Prince @Carolina Nitsch

    Tamper proof CD stickers as visual interrupters. Richard Prince in the Ten Portfolios show at Carolina Nitsch.

  • Kunié Sugiura @Leslie Tonkonow

    Jasper Johns in silhouette, with a dripping handprint. Kunié Sugiura in the Imprints group show at Leslie Tonkonow.

  • Beverly Semmes @Susan Inglett

    Porn magazine spreads interrupted by gestural overpainting. Beverly Semmes at Susan Inglett.

  • Frank Thiel @Sean Kelly

    The monumental textures of Patagonian ice formations. Frank Thiel at Sean Kelly.

  • Josef Fischnaller @Stux

    Old Masters reimagined with modern twists. Josef Fischnaller at Stux.

  • Nir Arieli @Daniel Cooney

    Infrared portraits of male dancers. Nir Arieli at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

  • John Baldessari @MoMA

    Thrown balls in search of a square. John Baldessari in the Ileana Sonnabend show at MoMA.

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto @MoMA

    A surreal vulture filled diorama. Hiroshi Sugimoto in the Ileana Sonnabend show at MoMA.

  • Christian Boltanski @MoMA

    A haunting array of family snapshots. Christian Boltanski in the Ileana Sonnabend show at MoMA.

  • Joni Sternbach @Rick Wester

    The timeless, rugged faces of surfers in the dunes. Joni Sternbach in the Not Long Hidden group show at Rick Wester.

  • Joe Maloney @Rick Wester

    An orange car and a flaring, fiery sunset. Joe Maloney in the Not Long Hidden group show at Rick Wester.

  • Tribble & Mancenido @Sasha Wolf

    Cropped details in Pointillist-like grain. Tribble & Mancenido at Sasha Wolf.

  • Sarah Ludy @Klaus von Nichtssagend

    Screen shot architectural interiors from Second Life. Sarah Ludy at Klaus von Nichtssagend.

  • Paul Sharits @MoMA

    16mm color film strips suspended between plexi sheets. Paul Sharits in the Images of an Infinite Film show at MoMA.

  • Brain Map @MoMA

    The abstract form of a 1915 brain map. In the Images of an Infinite Film show at MoMA.

  • Alexander Borodulin @Nailya Alexander

    1980s New York in bold clashing patterns. Alexander Borodulin at Nailya Alexander.

  • Peter Sutherland @Nahmad Contemporary

    Fire on wood – perforated vinyl over particle board. Peter Sutherland at Nahmad Contemporary.

  • Hisaji Hara @Danziger

    Balthus reimagined with a Japanese twist. Hisaji Hara at Danziger Gallery.