• Garrett Pruter @Judith Charles

    Photographic emulsion as globular paint. Garrett Pruter in the Visions group show at Judith Charles.

  • Sharon Ya’ari @Andrea Meislin

    The graceful concrete of the ANZAC memorial draped in camouflage netting. Sharon Ya’ari at Andrea Meislin.

  • Susan Meiselas @Galerie Lelong

    The images before and after the famous Molotov Man. Susan Meiselas in the Re-Framing History group show at Galerie Lelong.

  • Jerome Liebling @Steven Kasher

    Brighton Beach peaches. Jerome Liebling at Steven Kasher.

  • Jerome Liebling @Steven Kasher

    A timeless Minnesota screen door portrait. Jerome Liebling at Steven Kasher.

  • Katherine Newbegin @Lesley Heller

    Missing tiles in the bathroom mirror. Katherine Newbegin at Lesley Heller Workspace.

  • Willy Le Maitre @CANADA

    Shifting intermingled lenticular snapshots. Willy Le Maitre at CANADA.

  • Dove Allouche @Peter Freeman

    The surface of the sun, via physautotype. Dove Allouche at Peter Freeman.

  • Richard Caldicott @Sous Les Etoiles

    Cut paper geometries and resulting photograms. Richard Caldicott at Sous Les Etoiles.

  • Annie Leibovitz @Taschen Paris

    Patti Smith on the cover of Annie Leibovitz’ massive new Taschen monograph.

  • Pétur Thomsen @Scandinavia House

    A vertigo-inducing twist of perspective. Pétur Thomsen in the Darkness & Light group show at the Scandinavia House.

  • Bára Kristinsdóttir @Scandinavia House

    Tomatoes in a geothermal greenhouse. Bára Kristinsdóttir in the Darkness & Light group show at the Scandinavia House.

  • Herbert List @Robert Miller

    A surreal wax figure skin graft. Herbert List in the Panopticum group show at Robert Miller.

  • Jeff Elrod @Luhring Augustine

    Abstraction as a marriage of painting, Photoshop, and inkjet printing. Jeff Elrod at Luhring Augustine.

  • Emily Jacir @Alexander and Bonin

    Disquieting photographs of books confiscated from Palestinian homes. Emily Jacir at Alexander and Bonin.

  • Richard Mosse @Jack Shainman

    A river snaking through a pink cotton candy valley. An accompaniment to Richard Mosse’s video The Enclave at Jack Shainman.

  • Kelley Walker @Paula Cooper

    Appropriated VW ads, rendered in 3D, flattened to 2D, and inkjet printed on canvas. Kelley Walker at Paula Cooper.

  • Adam Magyar @Julie Saul

    A clarified swarm of Tokyo commuters. Adam Magyar in the METRO group show at Julie Saul Gallery.

  • Jed Devine @Bonni Benrubi

    A flattened still life of breakfast dishes and art books. Jed Devine at Bonni Benrubi.

  • Herb Ritts @Edwynn Houk

    The penetrating gaze of late 1980s Christy Turlington. Herb Ritts at Edwynn Houk.