If reaching a targeted audience of active photography collectors, museum curators, gallery staff, auction house specialists, and working photographers is what your business needs, advertising on Collector Daily can be an economical way of communicating with our select group of readers. Unlike most sites, all the advertising on Collector Daily is priced on a click through basis, meaning you only pay for those visitors who actively click on your logo or banner. The days of counting page views/impressions and trying to quantify their advertising value are long gone. Simple statistics tallying the number of click throughs and straightforward end of run invoicing make the process easy.

Sponsored Ad Banners

A standard square sponsorship banner runs on the various category/review pages in the right hand sidebar for roughly 4-6 weeks (depending on the length of the show or event). These banners are typically used to promote current shows, books, auctions, fairs, and the like. Depending on how many banners we have on the site at any one time, we’ll run them in multiple locations and rotate them around to increase the exposure to various readership segments. For pricing and technical information, email

Supporter Packages

For those who want a more premium position, there are also six month supporter packages, which bundle together a larger black and white logo at the bottom of the home page, another large logo at the top of the right sidebar in one of the six main categories, and multiple show/promo banners run during the duration of the six month period. For pricing and technical information, email

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