• Wayne Lawrence @FLAG Art Foundation

    Urban attitude at Orchard Beach in the Bronx. Wayne Lawrence at the FLAG Art Foundation.

  • Lee Friedlander @Paris Photo

    A wall of Lee Friedlander little screens, in the Harald Falckenberg collection show at Paris Photo.

  • Louise Lawler @Casey Kaplan

    The elegant smear of an elongated Matisse fragment. Louise Lawler at Casey Kaplan Gallery.

  • Thomas Demand @High Line

    Clothes pins across a blue sky (on a rainy day). Thomas Demand on the High Line billboard.

  • Patrick Demarchelier @Staley-Wise

    An array of fashion/celebrity Polaroids. Patrick Demarchelier at Staley-Wise Gallery.

  • Eddie Adams @Steven Kasher

    Every frame of Eddie Adams’ iconic Vietnam street execution. At Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Paul Woolf @Keith De Lellis

    Criss-crossed steel girders. Paul Woolf in the New York show at Keith De Lellis Gallery.

  • Sarah Anne Johnson @Julie Saul

    Sex as a fragmented, geometric cloud. Sarah Anne Johnson at Julie Saul.

  • Gulu Real Art Studio @Walther Collection

    Faceless portraits, all wearing the same suit coat. Gulu Real Art Studio at the Walther Collection.

  • George Tice @Scott Nichols

    The formality of a farm landscape. An early George Tice at Scott Nichols (San Francisco).

  • Charles Gatewood @Robert Tat

    The flair of 1970s Wall Street. Charles Gatewood at Robert Tat (San Francisco).

  • Mickalene Thomas @Jenkins Johnson

    Pattern contrasts in a recent work by Mickalene Thomas. At Jenkins Johnson (San Francisco).

  • Carrie Mae Weems @Jenkins Johnson

    The elusive blurred form of Josephine Baker. Carrie Mae Weems at Jenkins Johnson (San Francisco).

  • Walker Evans @MoMA

    A grid of early (late 1920s) Walker Evans geometries in the American Modern show at MoMA.

  • Paul Strand @MoMA

    Pared down Modernist elegance. Paul Strand in the American Modern show at MoMA.

  • Alfred Stieglitz @MoMA

    A sublime array of O’Keeffe hands by Alfred Stieglitz in the American Modern show at MoMA.

  • Eleanor Antin @Columbia

    Male paper dolls and a nurse costume. Eleanor Antin at the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia.

  • Abbas @Asia Society

    An impossibly dense crowd of black clad women. Abbas in the Iran Modern show at the Asia Society.

  • Meredyth Sparks @Whitney

    The razor thin scanned edge of a Slits album. Meredyth Sparks in the Test Pattern group show at the Whitney.

  • David Mitchell @Jim Kempner

    Abstraction as shifting planes of ephemeral color. David Mitchell at Jim Kempner Fine Art.