• Shinichi Maruyama @Bruce Silverstein

    Swirling nudes turned into morphing abstract forms. Shinichi Maruyama at Bruce Silverstein.

  • Constantin Brancusi @Paul Kasmin

    Three versions of Brancusi’s endless column, as seen in his overstuffed studio. At Paul Kasmin.

  • Gerald Slota @Ricco/Maresca

    Dark storytelling via scratches, marks, cuts, and collage. Gerald Slota at Ricco/Maresca.

  • James Karales @Howard Greenberg

    A wide eyed child seen through the back of a chair. James Karales in the second gallery at Howard Greenberg.

  • Allen Ginsberg @Howard Greenberg

    A multi-layered, reflected self portrait. Allen Ginsberg, in the book alcove at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Roger Mayne @Met

    The just too late lunge of a street goaltender. Roger Mayne in the second floor hallway at the Met.

  • James Mollison @Aldrich

    Life-sized fan portraits as exercises in group identity. James Mollison at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

  • Michael Light @Danizger

    The textural aerial patterns of oil pumps. Michael Light at Danziger Gallery.

  • Domingo Milella @Tracy Williams

    The double density of Mexico City graves and houses. Domingo Milella at Tracy Williams.

  • Cyprien Gaillard @Gladstone

    Billowing image folds in old National Geographic magazines. Cyprien Gaillard at Gladstone Gallery.

  • Gabriel Orozco @Marian Goodman

    A checkerboard skull with overpainted circles. Gabriel Orozco at Marian Goodman.

  • Suzanne Mooney @Foxy Production

    Store displays as elemental abstractions. Suzanne Mooney in the Mode group show at Foxy Production.

  • Sara Cwynar @Foxy Production

    A rephotographed Acropolis of sculptural household items. Sara Cwynar in the Mode group show at Foxy Production.

  • Herbert Matter @Higher Pictures

    Nude under a whorl of driftwood. Herbert Matter at Higher Pictures.

  • Athanasios Argianas @On Stellar Rays

    A curve of paper forms a nose in profile. Athanasios Argianas at On Stellar Rays.

  • Wendy Small @Morgan Lehman

    Color photograms of shadowy ships. Wendy Small in the project room at Morgan Lehman.

  • Wayne Lawrence @FLAG Art Foundation

    Urban attitude at Orchard Beach in the Bronx. Wayne Lawrence at the FLAG Art Foundation.

  • Lee Friedlander @Paris Photo

    A wall of Lee Friedlander little screens, in the Harald Falckenberg collection show at Paris Photo.

  • Louise Lawler @Casey Kaplan

    The elegant smear of an elongated Matisse fragment. Louise Lawler at Casey Kaplan Gallery.

  • Thomas Demand @High Line

    Clothes pins across a blue sky (on a rainy day). Thomas Demand on the High Line billboard.