• Roman Opalka @Lisa Cooley

    The passing of time in self portraits. Roman Opalka in the Stay in Love group show at Lisa Cooley.

  • Colby Bird @Fitzroy

    Negative photographs made procedural by action/rules. Colby Bird at Fitzroy Gallery.

  • Michael Vahrenwald @Susan Inglett

    Nature overcoming the trials of the city. Michael Vahrenwald in the American Beauty group show at Susan Inglett Gallery.

  • Daniel Gordon @Horton

    A torn paper lemon still life. Daniel Gordon in the Merge Visible group show at Horton Gallery.

  • John Houck @Horton

    The bent space of layered rephotography. John Houck in the Merge Visible group show at Horton Gallery.

  • Julie Cockburn @Yossi Milo

    A found photograph recollaged into intricate spirograph geometries. Julie Cockburn at Yossi Milo.

  • Kate O’Donovan Cook @Stephen Haller

    Playing multiple roles in the same scene. Kate O’Donovan Cook at Stephen Haller Gallery.

  • Nicole Cohen @Morgan Lehman

    Scanned interior collages, printed on shining, textural aluminum. Nicole Cohen at Morgan Lehman.

  • Clement Valla @Bitforms

    The twisted perspective of Google Earth anomalies made sculptural. Clement Valla in the PostPictures group show at Bitforms.

  • Roxanne Lowit @Steven Kasher

    The brash candid glamour of backstage fashion. Roxanne Lowit at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Bing Wright @Paula Cooper

    Broken mirror sunsets fractured like stained glass. Bing Wright at Paula Cooper Gallery.

  • Graciela Iturbide @Throckmorton

    Surreal tattooed seams on the backs of legs. Graciela Iturbide at Throckmorton Fine Art.

  • Guy Tillim @Aperture

    Guy Tillim’s election rally, at the PrixPictet Power show at Aperture.

  • DoDo Jin Ming @Laurence Miller

    A negative print forest, overrun by dark gestural tangles. DoDo Jin Ming at Laurence Miller Gallery.

  • Allen Frame @Gitterman

    Moody, atmospheric darkness, used for Roberto Bolaño book covers. Allen Frame at Gitterman Gallery.

  • Shinichi Maruyama @Bruce Silverstein

    Swirling nudes turned into morphing abstract forms. Shinichi Maruyama at Bruce Silverstein.

  • Constantin Brancusi @Paul Kasmin

    Three versions of Brancusi’s endless column, as seen in his overstuffed studio. At Paul Kasmin.

  • Gerald Slota @Ricco/Maresca

    Dark storytelling via scratches, marks, cuts, and collage. Gerald Slota at Ricco/Maresca.

  • James Karales @Howard Greenberg

    A wide eyed child seen through the back of a chair. James Karales in the second gallery at Howard Greenberg.

  • Allen Ginsberg @Howard Greenberg

    A multi-layered, reflected self portrait. Allen Ginsberg, in the book alcove at Howard Greenberg Gallery.