• Barbara Hammer @Company

    Interlocked inversions of faces and hands. Barbara Hammer at Company Gallery.

  • Marsha Cottrell @Van Doren Waxter

    Wispy natural imprints executed in tactile printer toner. Marsha Cottrell at Van Doren Waxter.

  • Tourmaline @Chapter NY

    Self-portrait mixing space gear, futuristic thin sunglasses, and the setting of a cornfield. Tourmaline in the 3.0 group show at Chapter NY.

  • Paul Thek and Edwin Klein @Alexander and Bonin

    Layered objects seen from above, telescoping in atop a newspaper spread. Paul Thek and Edwin Klein, from 1969, at Alexander and Bonin.

  • Shamus Clisset @Postmasters

    A 3D-rendered leaping lumberjack, perched atop a chainsaw in dissolving red plaid. Shamus Clisset at Postmasters.

  • Dread Scott @Cristin Tierney

    Re-enacting the German Coast slave uprising of 1811, against the backdrop of a modern day Louisiana oil refinery. Dread Scott at Cristin Tierney Gallery.

  • B. Ingrid Olson @Bodega

    Cutting through improvised armor of carboard to reveal a flattened breast. B. Ingrid Olson in the This is My Bodys group show at Bodega.

  • Thomas Bangsted @Marc Straus

    Meticulously recreating the mid-20th century relocation of a massive Danish Modernist sculpture by C.J. Bonnesen. Thomas Bangsted at Marc Straus.

  • Tacita Dean @Marian Goodman

    Envisioning purgatory as a tonal reversal, as applied to large scale prints of jacaranda trees. Tacita Dean at Marian Goodman Gallery.

  • Tyler Mitchell @Jack Shainman

    Locating a fashion model in a flash-lit overgrowth of flowers. Tyler Mitchell at Jack Shainman Gallery.

  • Jeanne Liotta @Microscope

    Shifting photograms of slide carousels layered with colored gels. Jeanne Liotta at Microscope Gallery.

  • Lucas Samaras @Pace

    Extending a self-portrait with scissors into a stepping undulation. Lucas Samaras in the Convergent Evolutions group show at Pace Gallery.

  • Bruce Conner @Paula Cooper

    A surreal eyeball on late night television. Bruce Conner at Paula Cooper Gallery.

  • Jay DeFeo @Paula Cooper

    Using a Bruce Conner silhouette as a container for a collage. Jay DeFeo at Paula Cooper Gallery.

  • Zanele Muholi @Yancey Richardson

    Physically crafting an identity out of cameras, with eyes and lenses as echoing elements. Zanele Muholi at Yancey Richardson.

  • Stephen Wilkes @Bryce Wolkowitz

    A floral composite made from layers of multiple exposures, like the textures of a tapestry. Stephen Wilkes at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

  • Justine Kurland @Independent Art Fair

    Re-shaping André Kertész’ Distortions into a suggestive swirl of body parts as body parts. Justine Kurland in the Higher Pictures Generation booth at the Independent Art Fair.

  • Bruce Nauman @Nicole Klagsbrun

    The elegant tonal splash of spilled coffee. Bruce Nauman in the Nothing Personal group show at Nicole Klagsbrun.

  • Raymond Hains @Nicole Klagsbrun

    A shimmering crosshatch of distortion. Raymond Hains in the Nothing Personal group show at Nicole Klagsbrun.

  • Xaviera Simmons @Nicole Klagsbrun

    Skipping by the haunting presence of a boarded up house. Xaviera Simmons in the Nothing Personal group show at Nicole Klagsbrun.