• Dana Lixenberg @GRIMM

    The now-classic bright sweater portrait of Notorious B.I.G counting cash. Dana Lixenberg at Grimm Gallery.

  • Katherine Hubbard @Company

    A hinged frame on the floor housing the elegantly thrashing motion of treading water. Katherine Hubbard at Company Gallery.

  • Elle Pérez @47 Canal

    The interconnectedness of twined roots. Elle Pérez in the Every Crack, Every _ _ _ _ group show at 47 Canal.

  • Mandy Vahabzadeh @Anita Rogers

    A narrow portrait through veiled darkness. Mandy Vahabzadeh at Anita Rogers Gallery.

  • Masao Yamamoto @Yancey Richardson

    The gold flecked magic of floating milkweed. Masao Yamamoto at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • Dannielle Bowman @Baxter St. at CCNY

    The mystery of spiky cast shadows and pulled-back blinds. Dannielle Bowman at Baxter St. at CCNY.

  • Ed Ruscha @Susan Inglett

    A vintage price list poster for Ed Ruscha’s photobooks. In the By/Buy Me group show at Susan Inglett Gallery.

  • Louise Lawler @Susan Inglett

    A Louise Lawler photograph multiplied out on wrapping paper. In the By/Buy Me group show at Susan Inglett Gallery.

  • Tawny Chatmon @Fotografiska

    Embellishing portraits of black women and girls with intricate Klimt-like gold leaf patterning. Tawny Chatmon at Fotografiska.

  • Adi Nes @Fotografiska

    Staging an Israeli military meal as a visual echo of the Last Supper. Adi Nes at Fotografiska.

  • Susan Meiselas @Danziger

    Angled elbows inside the taut stripes of a tent. Susan Meiselas in the Posed group show at Danziger Gallery.

  • Dana Lixenberg @Danziger

    Trailing wisps of hair creating a sense of fluidity. Dana Lixenberg in the Posed group show at Danziger Gallery.

  • Charlotte Brooks @Keith de Lellis

    Radiating cast shadows from an overhead fire escape. Charlotte Brooks in the 4×14: Four Vintage Photographs by Fourteen Women Photographers group show at Keith de Lellis Gallery.

  • Clement Valla @Bitforms

    Swirling photographic texture output by a digital jacquard loom. Clement Valla in the Embedded Parables group show at Bitforms.

  • Gerhard Richter @Gagosian

    A hint of representation dissolving into a diamond of watery swirls. Gerhard Richter at Gagosian Gallery.

  • Rashid Johnson @Hauser & Wirth

    Kaleidoscopic patterns of African masks and palm trees interrupted by gestural marks and expressive paint drips. Rashid Johnson at Hauser & Wirth.

  • György Kepes @Sikkema Jenkins

    Shading inversions of geometric pattern. György Kepes in a paired show with Cameron Martin at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

  • Eve Sonneman @Nohra Haime

    A glowing red floor, in moments separated by a few seconds. Eve Sonneman at Nohra Haime Gallery.

  • Sonya Noskowiak @Shin

    Finely bent reflections in blown glass. Sonya Noskowiak in the Nocturne group show at Shin Gallery.

  • Imogen Cunningham @Shin

    Subtleties of delicately smooth texture. Imogen Cunningham in the Nocturne group show at Shin Gallery.