• Jonathas de Andrade @Alexander and Bonin

    Reinterpreting the racism of a 1950s anthropological study of rural Brazil. Jonathas de Andrade at Alexander and Bonin.

  • Patrick Demarchelier @Staley-Wise

    Covering Karlie Kloss with a swirling painted-eye veil. Patrick Demarchelier at Staley-Wise Gallery.

  • Found a Unique Fred Cray Photograph

    Using stencils to undermine a handgun ad. Fred Cray, found tucked in a book at Printed Matter.

  • Noritoshi Hirakawa @WhiteBox

    Reversing the agency in the upskirt photo. Noritoshi Hirakawa in the A Colossal World: Japanese Artists and New York, 1950s-Present group show at WhiteBox.

  • Mayumi Terada @WhiteBox

    Constructing elemental simplicity via light through a cut-paper door. Mayumi Terada in the A Colossal World: Japanese Artists and New York, 1950s-Present group show at WhiteBox.

  • Sarah Jones @Anton Kern

    Then seductive curves of anthurium leaves. Sarah Jones at Anton Kern Gallery.

  • Catherine Opie @Lehmann Maupin

    Capturing the flat emptiness of the American plains. Catherine Opie (circa late 1990s) in the American Landscape group show at Lehmann Maupin.

  • Boomoon @Flowers

    Turning falling water into a sparkling tumble of all-over texture. Boomoon at Flowers Gallery.

  • Michael Spano @Steven Kasher

    A bold compilation of surveillance technology and graphic lettering. Michael Spano at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Robert Mapplethorpe @Gladstone

    The artist’s penetrating stare, from an otherwise empty gallery. Robert Mapplethorpe at Gladstone Gallery.

  • Hitoshi Fugo @Miyako Yoshinaga

    A swarm of fluttering insects drawn to a solitary light in the darkness. Hitoshi Fugo at Miyako Yoshinaga.

  • Jay DeFeo @Mitchell-Innes & Nash

    A jagged collaged waterfall of surreal teeth. Jay DeFeo at Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

  • Maria Martinez-Cañas @Julie Saul

    Using 3D objects to add sculptural depth and shadow to underlying imagery. Maria Martinez-Cañas at Julie Saul Gallery.

  • Bill Viola @James Cohan

    An ethereal video sleeper submerged in a barrel of water. Bill Viola at James Cohan Gallery.

  • Fia Backström @Callicoon

    Seeing textural echoes in burning Rohingya villages, protesting refugees, Staten Island marshes, and hurricane wreckage. Fia Backström at Callicoon Fine Arts.

  • Artie Vierkant @Perrotin

    Exploring the image/object dichotomy via subtle color gradations. Artie Vierkant at Galerie Perrotin.

  • T. Lux Feininger @WestLicht

    A straight down flattening view of Bauhaus balconies. T. Lux Feininger in the 3/9 Photographica Auction at WestLicht.

  • Eric Dyer @Ronald Feldman

    Spinning Muybridge into animated motion. Eric Dyer at Ronald Feldman Gallery.

  • Liu Shiyuan @Tanya Bonakdar

    Mimicking digital overload with stuttering frames, pattern fragments, and a wandering edge. Liu Shiyuan at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.

  • Marina Pinsky @303 Gallery

    Adding trellised vines to a painted pine tree. Marina Pinsky at 303 Gallery.