• Horacio Zabala @Henrique Faria

    Adding isolating abstraction to the warehouses of Buenos Aires. Horacio Zabala at Henrique Faria Fine Art.

  • William Keck @Laurence Miller

    Intricate layers of windows, blinds, and shadows. William Keck (from 1938) in the Modern Spirit group show at Laurence Miller Gallery.

  • Boris Ignatovich @Nailya Alexander

    The bold lines of an overhead walk. Boris Ignatovich in the Russian Photography after the Revolution group show at Nailya Alexander Gallery.

  • Joshua Citarella @Higher Pictures

    A dense compendium of futures collapsed into a single tableaux. Joshua Citarella at Higher Pictures.

  • Nathalie Boutté @Yossi Milo

    Re-considering historic photographs in cut paper. Nathalie Boutté at Yossi Milo Gallery.

  • Peter Hujar @Alexander and Bonin

    Members of the 1960s downtown art scene, with the artist in the mirror. Peter Hujar at Alexander and Bonin.

  • Robert Mapplethorpe @Skinner

    The gentle droop of a tulip. Robert Mapplethorpe in the 9/27 Fine Photographs sale at Skinner.

  • Penelope Umbrico @Winston Wächter

    Finding striped abstraction in broken TV sets. Penelope Umbrico in the Inside/Outside Voices group show at Winston Wächter Fine Art.

  • Sam Falls @Eva Presenhuber

    Giving everyday death a splatter of color. Sam Falls at Galerie Eva Presenhuber.

  • Stephanie Syjuco @Ryan Lee

    Obscured by the Photoshop transparency background. Stephanie Syjuco at Ryan Lee Gallery.

  • Devin Troy Strother @Marlborough Contemporary

    A seductive pile of tiny images in cellophane drug bags. Devin Troy Strother at Marlborough Contemporary.

  • Bernadette Mayer @CANADA

    A unedited month of daily visual memories. Bernadette Mayer (from 1971) at CANADA.

  • Cecil Beaton @Christie’s

    The reluctant allure of Audrey Hepburn. Cecil Beaton in the Paul F. Walter Collection sale at Christie’s.

  • Martha Rosler @Lennon, Weinberg

    Obliviously stylish selfies amid the flames. Martha Rosler in the Citings/Sightings group show at Lennon, Weinberg.

  • Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao @Foley

    Central Park tree silhouettes reflected in still water. Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao at Foley Gallery.

  • Mary Kelly @Whitney

    The intimate grip of nail clippers. Mary Kelly (from 1974) in the An Incomplete History of Protest group show at the Whitney.

  • Patty Carroll @Rubber Factory

    Disappearing into an artificial jungle. Patty Carroll in the Women in Colour group show at Rubber Factory.

  • Ellen Carey @Rubber Factory

    Folds and crumples filled with energetic color. Ellen Carey in the Women in Colour group show at Rubber Factory.

  • Amanda Means @Rubber Factory

    An ordered array of colored light. Amanda Means in the Women in Colour group show at Rubber Factory.

  • Marc Foucault @Christie’s Online

    A surreal pruning of vegetal body parts. Marc Foucault in the Avant-Garde: Photographs from the Shalom Shpilman Collection online sale at Christie’s.