• Fia Backström @Callicoon

    Seeing textural echoes in burning Rohingya villages, protesting refugees, Staten Island marshes, and hurricane wreckage. Fia Backström at Callicoon Fine Arts.

  • Artie Vierkant @Perrotin

    Exploring the image/object dichotomy via subtle color gradations. Artie Vierkant at Galerie Perrotin.

  • T. Lux Feininger @WestLicht

    A straight down flattening view of Bauhaus balconies. T. Lux Feininger in the 3/9 Photographica Auction at WestLicht.

  • Eric Dyer @Ronald Feldman

    Spinning Muybridge into animated motion. Eric Dyer at Ronald Feldman Gallery.

  • Liu Shiyuan @Tanya Bonakdar

    Mimicking digital overload with stuttering frames, pattern fragments, and a wandering edge. Liu Shiyuan at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.

  • Marina Pinsky @303 Gallery

    Adding trellised vines to a painted pine tree. Marina Pinsky at 303 Gallery.

  • Scott Treleaven @Invisible-Exports

    Finding visual balance in a torn image collage. Scott Treleaven at Invisible-Exports.

  • Garry Winogrand @Howard Greenberg

    A lively frieze of park bench gestures. Classic Garry Winogrand in A New Vision: American Photography After the War at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Lewis Baltz @Howard Greenberg

    The austere simplicity of drainpipe, panel, and door. Lewis Baltz in A New Vision: American Photography After the War at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Laurel Nakadate @Leslie Tonkonow

    Making timeshifted connections by Photoshopping a newborn into a young grandmother’s arms. Laurel Nakadate at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks +Projects.

  • Felicity Hammond @Apexart

    Architecture melting into simmering laser cut fragments. Felicity Hammond in the Rendered Cities group show at Apexart.

  • Mark Morrisroe @ClampArt

    The textural shadows of a male nude. Mark Morrisroe at ClampArt.

  • Marina Abramović @Sean Kelly

    Artist and prostitute exchanging roles. Early Marina Abramović at Sean Kelly Gallery.

  • Andy Mattern @Elizabeth Houston

    Unlocking the geometric abstraction of cardboard exposure guides. Andy Mattern at Elizabeth Houston Gallery.

  • Patrick D. Pagnano @Benrubi

    Doing the splits at the Empire Roller Disco. Patrick D. Pagnano at Benrubi Gallery.

  • Jeffrey Milstein @Benrubi

    Turning New Jersey energy infrastructure into geometric abstraction. Jeffrey Milstein at Benrubi Gallery.

  • Judy Chicago @Downs & Ross

    Bringing colored smoke and a female presence to the unforgiving desert. Judy Chicago in the Guarded Future group show at Downs & Ross.

  • Vikky Alexander & Ellen Brooks @Downs & Ross

    Interweaving clarity and dotted mesh blur. Vikky Alexander and Ellen Brooks in the Guarded Future group show at Downs & Ross.

  • Li Wei @Galerie Richard

    Impossibly tagging along with a fighter jet. Li Wei at Galerie Richard.

  • Anne Vieux @The Hole

    Shimmery scanner refractions as vinyl floor covering. Anne Vieux at The Hole.