• Weronika Gesicka @Elizabeth Houston

    Dissolving into a leopard print counter. Weronika Gesicka in the SHE group show at Elizabeth Houston Gallery.

  • Dayanita Singh @Callicoon

    Shimmering black and white iterations of architectural forms. Dayanita Singh in the Celebrating Geoffrey Bawa group show at Callicoon Fine Arts.

  • Mary Ellen Bartley @Yancey Richardson

    The elemental geometries of dyed-edge paperbacks. Mary Ellen Bartley at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • David Hilliard @Yancey Richardson

    Interlocked perceptions of a quiet moment. David Hilliard at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • Elsa & Johanna @Paris Photo 2019

    Taking on carefully calibrated roles on a cross country road trip. Elsa & Johanna (at Galerie La Forest Divonne) in the CURIOSA section of Paris Photo 2019.

  • Marguerite Bornhauser @Paris Photo 2019

    Extended experimentation with the rich tones of red. Marguerite Bornhauser (at Galerie Madé) in the CURIOSA section of Paris Photo 2019.

  • Zohra Opoku @Paris Photo 2019

    Sewing photographic fabrics into overlapped layers. Zohra Opoku (at Mariane Ibrahim) in the PRISMES section of Paris Photo 2019.

  • Yannig Hedel @Paris Photo 2019

    Marking time by following the geometries of striped light cast across a building wall. 1970s era Yannig Hedel (at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon) in the PRISMES section of Paris Photo 2019.

  • Martha Rosler @Paris Photo 2019

    The scathingly absurd combination of smiling selfie takers and war zone rocket tracers. Martha Rosler in the Fondation A Stichting group show Fragments at Paris Photo 2019.

  • Jaime Villaseca @Paris Photo 2019

    Tracing the textural patterns of bricked up doors and windows. Late 1970s images by the Chilean photographer Jaime Villaseca in the Fondation A Stichting group show Fragments at Paris Photo 2019.

  • Paul Pfeiffer @Paula Cooper

    Removing Marilyn Monroe from George Barris’ beach portraits. Paul Pfeiffer at Paula Cooper Gallery.

  • Sophie Calle @Paula Cooper

    A Japanese hotel room, eight days before the end of a love affair. Sophie Calle at Paula Cooper Gallery.

  • Marc Yankus @ClampArt

    An impossibly clean, and eerily quiet panoramic view of the Met. Marc Yankus at ClampArt.

  • Walead Beshty @Petzel

    A gallery-filling installation of cyanotypes, documenting a year’s worth of artistic tools. Walead Beshty at Petzel Gallery.

  • Luca Missoni @Benrubi

    Tracking a shadow across the face of the moon. Luca Missoni at Benrubi Gallery.

  • Ana Mendieta @Galerie Lelong

    Carving elemental maternal forms directly into limestone cave walls. Ana Mendieta (from the Rupestrian Sculptures series) at Galerie Lelong.

  • Vik Muniz @Sikkema Jenkins

    Activating Marsden Hartley’s original with interlocked layers of physical depth. Vik Muniz at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

  • Xiaoze Xie @Asia Society

    A taxonomy of banned Chinese books, each “measured” by a ruler. Xiaoze Xie at the Asia Society.

  • Wang Qingsong @Asia Society

    A subversively contemporary reimagining of traditional sensual entertainments. Wang Qingsong in the lobby at the Asia Society.

  • Otto Steinert @Deborah Bell

    Silhouetted forms in machined grandeur. Otto Steinert in the Photographs from the Paul Sack Collection group show at Deborah Bell Photographs.