• Nailah Fumilayo Davis @Aperture

    The provocative uneasiness of enlarged eyes and mouths. Nailah Fumilayo Davis in the Parsons BFA Photography Senior Thesis exhibition at Aperture Gallery.

  • Venice Gordon @Aperture

    Wading in chartreuse. Venice Gordon in the Parsons BFA Photography Senior Thesis exhibition at Aperture Gallery.

  • Jitish Kallat @Sperone Westwater

    Finding swirling galaxies in lenticular images of fruit. Jitish Kallat at Sperone Westwater.

  • Laurie Simmons @Salon 94

    Using body paint to embrace changing facets of identity. Laurie Simmons at Salon 94.

  • Erin O’Keefe @Morgan Lehman

    Exploring photographic illusionism via intricate arrangements of painted wood blocks. Erin O’Keefe at Morgan Lehman.

  • Doug Aitken @303 Gallery

    Using the world’s first cellphone as the basis for abstract patterning. Doug Aitken at 303 Gallery.

  • Keisha Scarville @Lesley Heller

    Turning a mother’s clothes into a swirling mass of patterned abstraction. Keisha Scarville at Lesley Heller.

  • Cary Leibowitz @Invisible-Exports

    Using overlaid captions to playfully interrupt controlled glamour. Cary Leibowitz at Invisible-Exports.

  • Em Rooney @Bodega

    A tender embrace, echoing Joseph taking Jesus down from the Cross. Em Rooney at Bodega.

  • Hank Willis Thomas @Jack Shainman

    Cleverly using light to activate a silk screened protest image. Hank Willis Thomas at Jack Shainman Gallery.

  • Erica Baum @Bureau

    Finding wordplay in classroom desk graffiti. Erica Baum in the Hours and Places group show at Bureau.

  • Bernd and Hilla Becher @Paula Cooper

    The elemental forms of massive electricity towers. Early work from Bernd and Hilla Becher at Paula Cooper Gallery.

  • Osamu James Nakagawa @sepiaEYE

    The wary trepidation felt at birthday time. Osamu James Nakagawa at sepiaEYE.

  • Maggie Steber @Half King

    A bathtub toe with film noir echoes. Maggie Steber at the Half King.

  • John Cyr @Elizabeth Houston

    Searching for ghosts in Sally Mann’s developer tray. John Cyr at Elizabeth Houston Gallery.

  • Nobuyoshi Araki @Taka Ishii

    Fake dating a slippery ashtray still life. Nobuyoshi Araki at Taka Ishii Gallery.

  • Stephen Frailey @Downs & Ross

    Building up layers of graphic shapes. Stephen Frailey in the Guarded Future II show at Downs & Ross.

  • Borden Capalino @Lyles & King

    Blonde hair interrupted by metal letters, eroded craters, and an air vent. Borden Capalino at Lyles & King.

  • Shannon Ebner @Team

    When symbols lose their decipherability. Shannon Ebner in the Mark group show at Team Gallery.

  • Marsha Cottrell @Van Doren Waxter

    Meticulous radiating lines surrounding a glowing orb. Marsha Cottrell at Van Doren Waxter.