• Wardell Milan @David Nolan

    Collaging Mapplethorpe and Baltrop into encounters in nature. Wardell Milan at David Nolan Gallery.

  • Aziz + Cucher @ClampArt

    A photographic aggregation of dramatic gestures rethought as Jacquard tapestry. Aziz + Cucher at ClampArt.

  • Sunil Gupta @Hales

    Tracking pedestrians on Christopher Street in 1976. Sunil Gupta at Hales Gallery.

  • Katarzyna Kozyra @Postmasters

    The biting inversions of a burka-clad woman walking naked male dogs. Katarzyna Kozyra at Postmasters.

  • Dmitry Markov @agnès b.

    The risk taking improvisation of boys showing off for girls. Dmitry Markov at agnès b. Galerie.

  • Todd Gray @David Lewis

    Overlapped juxtapositions of European and African architecture/gardens, intermingling the contrasts of colonialism. Todd Gray at David Lewis Gallery.

  • Jheyda McGarrell @Team

    Voyeuristic interruption and a turn of the shoulder. Jheyda McGarrell in the Scenes of the American Landscape group show at Team Gallery.

  • Dash Snow @Participant

    The textural passion of explosive destruction. Dash Snow at Participant Inc.

  • Barbara Ess @Magenta Plains

    The impressionistic textural uncertainty of surveillance stills. Barbara Ess at Magenta Plains.

  • Nadav Kander @Flowers

    Capturing the moody Thames estuary in the manner of a Chinese scroll. Nadav Kander at Flowers Gallery.

  • Victoria Sambunaris @Yancey Richardson

    The horizontal striations of a train crossing the Great Salt Lake. Victoria Sambunaris at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • Terry Evans @Yancey Richardson

    The sinuous aerial geometries of a plowed field and an abandoned farmhouse. Terry Evans at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

  • Naama Tsabar @Paul Kasmin

    Using cut throughs to disrupt the solidity of walls. Naama Tsabar at Paul Kasmin Gallery.

  • George Platt Lynes @Keith De Lellis

    Combining two negatives to birth Dionysus from the thigh of Zeus. George Platt Lynes at Keith De Lellis Gallery.

  • Jorge Rigamonti @Carriage Trade

    Interwoven nodes of highway traffic and network cabling. Jorge Rigamonti in The Village group show at Carriage Trade.

  • David Deutsch @Carriage Trade

    The intrusiveness of bright light nocturnal surveillance. David Deutsch in The Village group show at Carriage Trade.

  • Ryan McGinley @Peter Hay Halpert

    A quietly introspective elevator slouch. Early Ryan McGinley at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art.

  • Sage Sohier @Foley

    Water views collapsing reflection, surface, and underneath into one lively plane. Sage Sohier at Foley Gallery.

  • Sasha Bezzubov @Front Room

    Turning ice and water into studies of reflective/absorptive texture. Sasha Bezzubov at Front Room Gallery.

  • Jeff Gibson @LMAK

    A typology of Internet greenery, printed on a plastic sandwich board sign. Jeff Gibson at LMAKgallery.