• Bhupendra Karia @sepiaEYE

    Turing a repaired fence into a bold geometric silhouette. Bhupendra Karia at sepiaEye.

  • Katy Grannan @Aperture

    The neighborliness of peeking over a fence with a wine glass. Katy Grannan in the At Home: In the American West group show at Aperture Gallery.

  • Jean Curran @Danziger

    Isolating the controlled swirl of Kim Novak’s hair in Vertigo. Jean Curran at Danziger Gallery.

  • Harold Haliday Costain @ Keith de Lellis

    Turning salt production into steep angled Modernism. Harold Haliday Costain at Keith de Lellis Gallery.

  • John O’Reilly @Tibor de Nagy

    Using collaged imagery to construct a trance-like sense of euphoria. John O’Reilly at Tibor de Nagy.

  • Gerald Slota @Ricco/Maresca

    Scratch mark echoes and cut planes give an ordinary hook a dose of seething energy. Gerald Slota at Ricco/Maresca Gallery.

  • Luke Smalley @ClampArt

    Stylized swim practice on the gym floor. Luke Smalley at ClampArt.

  • Alex Yudzon @Rick Wester

    Using hotel room furniture for impromptu installations and sculptures. Alex Yudzon at Rick Wester Fine Art.

  • Simon Roberts @Flowers

    Car tail lights against frozen blue whiteness. Simon Roberts at Flowers Gallery.

  • Delphine Burtin @Benrubi

    Echoing elemental photogram compositions with a styrofoam ring. Delphine Burtin at Benrubi Gallery.

  • Joan Lyons @Steven Kasher

    Silhouetted footprints, disorientingly seen from below. Joan Lyons at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Liz Nielsen @Danziger

    The insistent upward reach of photogram triangles. Liz Nielsen at Danziger Gallery.

  • Nona Faustine @Higher Pictures

    Reclaiming a slave owner’s mansion with personal engagement. Nona Faustine at Higher Pictures.

  • Galina Kurlat @Peter Hay Halpert

    Probing the elusive moods of childhood via shadowy tintypes. Galina Kurlat at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art.

  • Seth Price @Petzel

    Image fragments and 3D renderings dissolving into a watery upward flow. Seth Price at Petzel Gallery.

  • Denise Scott Brown @Carriage Trade

    Channelling Ed Ruscha to envision the built environment of the Las Vegas strip. Denise Scott Brown at Carriage Trade.

  • Baseera Khan @Simone Subal

    Piling up physical and formal layers underneath shaped plastic. Baseera Khan in the Not for everybody group show at Simone Subal Gallery.

  • Hadi Fallahpisheh @Simone Subal

    Echoes of grasping hands. Hadi Fallahpisheh in the Not for everybody group show at Simone Subal Gallery.

  • David Gilbert @Klaus von Nichtssagend

    The dense interplay of sticks, poles, and hanging strings. David Gilbert at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery.

  • Sandi Haber Fifield @Yancey Richardson

    Multiplying leafy branches into layered geometric shards of color, shadow, and texture. Sandi Haber Fifield at Yancey Richardson Gallery.