• Ana Mendieta @Galerie Lelong

    Richly organic, maze-like mud spirals by Ana Mendieta. At Galerie Leong.

  • Jaye Rhee @Doosan Gallery

    Merce Cunningham dancers as calligraphic notes on a musical score. Jaye Rhee at Doosan Gallery.

  • Ross Racine @Front Room Gallery

    Ross Racine’s Photoshop aerials of intricately plotted fictional suburbs. Just closed at Front Room Gallery.

  • Moyra Davey/Jason Simon @Miguel Abreu

    Grids of personal items photographed in the deadpan style of Ebay postings. Moyra Davey/Jason Simon at Miguel Abreu.

  • Giacomo Balla @MoMA

    Thinking about a connection between Italian Futurism (Giacomo Balla at the Museum of Modern Art) and digital glitch photography.

  • Lucas Blalock @Wallspace

    Lucas Blalock’s elusive, spatially inconclusive layers of jittered wallpaper. In a group show at Wallspace.

  • Alfred Leslie @C24 Gallery

    A new Alfred Leslie portrait, pushing the edges of the painting/software/photo boundary. In a group show at C24 Gallery.

  • Gregory Crewdson @Danziger Gallery

    Gregory Crewdson’s lonely, rainswept taxi lot (with train tracks). Smartly paired with O. Winston Link at Danziger.

  • John Stezaker @Petzel Gallery

    An elegantly jarring anatomical nude hybrid by John Stezaker at Petzel Gallery.

  • Yang Yi @Galerie Richard

    Playing mahjong in masks and snorkels. Yang Yi’s melancholy submerged city vignettes at Galerie Richard.

  • Anthony Pearson @Marianne Boesky

    Gestural, intimate darkroom abstraction, solarized and striated. Anthony Pearson at Marianne Boesky Gallery.

  • Keith Smith @Bruce Silverstein

    Keith Smith’s jittering, shape-driven bus composite. At Bruce Silverstein through 6/1.

  • Ron Haviv @Milbrook

    Bloody presidential politics in 1980s Panama, as covered by Ron Haviv. In a student curated show at Milbrook School.

  • Tim Hetherington @Yossi Milo

    Shadowy dappled light portrait of a blind schoolboy in Sierra Leone. Tim Hetherington at Yossi Milo.

  • Natan Dvir @Anastasia Photo

    Massive aspirational branding as a backdrop for everyday urban life. Natan Dvir at Anastasia Photo.

  • Bert Stern @Staley-Wise

    Bert Stern shooting David Bailey shooting Veruschka for Vogue in 1961. At Staley-Wise.

  • Nikolai Ishchuk @Denny Gallery

    A kissing couple snapshot digitally split and restitched. Nikolai Ishchuk in the project room at Denny Gallery.

  • Margaret Watkins @Robert Mann

    An elegantly jumbled kitchen sink of still life forms and shadows. Margaret Watkins at Robert Mann.

  • F & D Cartier @Hous Projects

    Reinterpreting found 19th century glass plate negatives of Venetian antiques. F&D Cartier at Hous Projects.

  • Exhibition Space @Apexart

    Tiny figures dwarfed by the massive reflective presence of the Echo satellite/balloon. Exhibition Space at Apexart.