• Zoe Leonard @Murray Guy

    Mute bricked up window geometries. Zoe Leonard at Murray Guy.

  • Chinese photography @Galerie Bassenge

    Boxer Rebellion images (lot 4508) in the Chinese photography sale at Galerie Bassenge.

  • Jay DeFeo @Mitchell-Innes & Nash

    Using a photocopier to create sculptural abstraction. Jay DeFeo at Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

  • Prabir Purkayastha @Sundaram Tagore

    The decaying splendor of colonial Calcutta. Prabir Purkayastha at Sundaram Tagore.

  • Slim Aarons @Staley-Wise

    1970s poolside glamour. Slim Aarons at Staley-Wise Gallery.

  • Tim Barber @Capricious 88

    A tangle of intertwined limbs. Tim Barber at Capricious 88.

  • Leah Beeferman @Fridman

    Digital abstractions, mixing images and dissolving drawn effects. Leah Beeferman at Fridman Gallery.

  • Jeff Bark @Hasted Krauetler

    A golden SoCal glow with hints of darkness. Jeff Bark at Hasted Kraeutler.

  • Joel Meyerowitz @Howard Greenberg

    Flashes from a 1960s European road trip. Joel Meyerowitz at Howard Greenberg.

  • Jakkai Siributr @Tyler Rollins

    Reconsidering what a uniform represents. Jakkai Siributr at Tyler Rollins.

  • Mike Disfarmer @Steven Kasher

    Rakishly angled hats and plenty of swagger. Mike Disfarmer in the Slaves of Mimesis group show at Steven Kasher.

  • Robert Kinmont @Alexander and Bonin

    A typology of roadkill. Robert Kinmont at Alexander and Bonin.

  • Osamu James Nakagawa @sepiaEYE

    The dark hollows of Okinawa’s limestone caves. Osamu James Nakagawa at Sepia Eye.

  • Bear Kirkpatrick @Daniel Cooney

    Mud and milkweed as portrait embellishments. Bear Kirkpatrick in the All the World’s a Stage group show at Daniel Cooney.

  • Marc Yankus @ClampArt

    Flattened textures in brick. Marc Yankus at ClampArt.

  • Maroesjka Lavigne @Robert Mann

    The pure blown whiteness of Icelandic snow. Maroesjka Lavigne at Robert Mann.

  • Kiyoji Otsuji @hpgrp Gallery

    Intricate shadow patterns on ice. Kiyoji Otsuji at hpgrp Gallery.

  • Bas Jan Ader @Marlborough Chelsea

    Magical shadows in the LA night. Bas Jan Ader in the Lone Tree group show at Marlborough Chelsea.

  • Jonathan Alpeyrie @Anastasia Photo

    Syrian rebels illuminated by a shaft of light. Jonathan Alpeyrie at Anastasia Photo.

  • David Maisel @Yancey Richardson

    Spectral x-rays of sculptural antiquities. David Maisel at Yancey Richardson.