• Emerson Cooper @Muriel Guépin

    Dense hand alterations transform found photographs. Emerson Cooper at Muriel Guépin.

  • Kahn & Selesnick @Yancey Richardson

    An absorbing procession of fanciful staged performances. Kahn & Selesnick at Yancey Richardson.

  • Horst P. Horst @Artnet Auctions

    A surreal parade of contrasting hands. Horst P. Horst at Artnet Auctions.

  • Elaine Stocki @Thomas Erben

    Incongruous hand colored street wrestling. Elaine Stocki at Thomas Erben.

  • Christopher Rauschenberg @Laurence Miller

    Overlapped layers of frames. Christopher Rauschenberg at Laurence Miller.

  • Roger Mertin @Laurence Miller

    Nude in a tent of refracting plastic sheeting. Roger Mertin at Laurence Miller.

  • David Kennedy Cutler @Derek Eller

    A towering twist of photographic imagery. David Kennedy Cutler at Derek Eller.

  • Brassaï @Millon

    Brassaï graffiti in exhibition print size. Lot 58 at Millon.

  • Suzanne Opton @Sikkema Jenkins

    Oversized soldier heads in moments of repose. Suzanne Opton at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

  • Hannah Price @FLAG Art Foundation

    A conversation of layered shadows. Hannah Price in the Yale MFA show at the FLAG Art Foundation.

  • Billie Stultz @FLAG Art Foundation

    A swirling, inconclusive, time altered landscape. Billie Stultz in the Yale MFA show at the FLAG Art Foundation.

  • Robert Heinecken @Petzel

    Bleached, solarized, toned, reversed. Robert Heinecken at Petzel.

  • Jiang Pengyi @Klein Sun

    Tiny urban landscapes evolving from decay. Jiang Pengyi at Klein Sun.

  • Tomislav Gotovac @Alexander Gray

    Satirizing female pornography poses. Tomislav Gotovac at Alexander Gray Associates.

  • Geraldo de Barros @Tierney Gardarin

    The intricacy of rotated, overlapped abstraction. Geraldo de Barros at Tierney Gardarin.

  • Keiji Uematsu @Marianne Boesky

    Smart conceptual shadow play. Keiji Uematsu in the 1970s Japanese photography show at Marianne Boesky.

  • Kanji Wakae @Marianne Boesky

    Incrementally interrupted measuring sticks. Kanji Wakae in the 1970s Japanese photography show at Marianne Boesky.

  • Andreas Gefeller @Artnet Auctions

    Wispy trees and striped parking lot horizontals. Andreas Gefeller in the Conceptual Color sale at Artnet Auctions.

  • Simryn Gill @Tracy Williams

    Layers of angular window forms. Simryn Gill at Tracy Williams.

  • Waafa Bilal @Driscoll Babcock

    Dust covered tabletop models of destroyed Iraqi spaces. Waafa Bilal at Driscoll Babcock.