• Jen Catron/Paul Outlaw – Vik Muniz kit

    Trash + camera = Vik Muniz at Jen and Paul’s One Stop Shopping Souvenir City.

  • Mary Ellen Bartley @Yancey Richardson

    Morandi-like piles of muted paperbacks. Mary Ellen Bartley in the project gallery at Yancey Richardson.

  • Harry Callahan @Skinner

    Flattened Providence angles and planes. Harry Callahan at Skinner on 9/19.

  • Shai Kremer @Julie Saul

    The intense chaotic abstraction of WTC scaffolding. Shai Kremer at Julie Saul.

  • Laurie Simmons on a Water Tank

    A Laurie Simmons love doll taking a swim on a West 28th street water tank.

  • Louise Lawler on the High Line billboard

    A ghostly foot in a stretched auction preview. A night view of Louise Lawler on the High Line billboard.

  • Amanda Means @Artnet Auctions

    The brash intensity of glowing filaments. Amanda Means in the In an Instant: Polaroids sale at Artnet Auctions.

  • Hannah Whitaker @Taymour Grahne

    Experiments with geometric in-camera masking. Hannah Whitaker in the Fixed Unknowns show at Taymour Grahne.

  • Shirana Shahbazi @Taymour Grahne

    Large scale black and white abstraction. Shirana Shahbazi in the Fixed Unknowns show at Taymour Grahne.

  • Tim Freccia @Ricco Maresca

    An outstretched hand unbalances a portrait. Tim Freccia at Ricco/Maresca.

  • Tina Modotti @Met

    Staircase as sumptuous geometry exercise. Tina Modotti in the second floor hallway at the Met.

  • Takashi Yasumura @Yossi Milo

    Interrupted by strawberry shortcake. Takashi Yasumura in the front room at Yossi Milo.

  • Marina Pinsky @Anton Kern

    Spraying the Windex right at us. Marina Pinsky in the Displayed group show at Anton Kern.

  • Roe Ethridge @Anton Kern

    Chanel bracelets and shiny mackerel. Roe Ethridge in the Displayed group show at Anton Kern.

  • Peter Fischli/David Weiss @Matthew Marks

    A monumental wall of boldly colorful mushrooms. Fischli & Weiss at Matthew Marks.

  • Chloe Sells @Julie Saul

    Rustling grasses and sliced color. Chloe Sells in the LandMark group show at Julie Saul.

  • Brian Rose @Dillon

    Then and now in the Meatpacking district. Brian Rose at Dillon Gallery.

  • Awol Erizku @Hasted Kraeutler

    A typology of hair styles, with a nod to Ojeikere. Awol Erizku at Hasted Kraeutler.

  • Niko Luoma @Bryce Wolkowitz

    Linear abstraction up close. A detail from Niko Luoma, in the summer group show at Bryce Wolkowitz.

  • Melissa Eder @Aperture

    A brash still life of 99 cent store plastic flowers. Melissa Eder in the Summer Open group show at Aperture.