• Wolfgang Tillmans @New Museum

    A few photography highlights from NYC 1993 exhibit at the New Museum (1 of 3) – Wolfgang Tillmans’ embrace with gun scarf

  • Ed Ruscha @Gagosian

    1963 letter from the Library of Congress rejecting Ed Ruscha’s donation of Twentysix Gasoline Stations. At Gagosian Gallery.

  • Ryan McGinley @High Line

    Hairy legs floating over Chelsea. Ryan McGinley on the High Line billboard.

  • Sally Gall @Julie Saul

    Horizontal wires, lines, and contrails stripe a misty cloudscape. Sally Gall at Julie Saul.

  • Erwin Olaf @Hasted Kraeutler

    Erwin Olaf’s voyeuristic keyhole peeping installation; in the back gallery at Hasted Kraeutler.

  • Mikhail Baryshnikov @Mark Morris Dance Center

    Wispy, gestural dance photographs taken by Mikhail Baryshnikov, in the Mark Morris Dance Center intermission lounge.

  • Susan Wides @Kim Foster

    The bird’s eye, tilt shift version of OWS in Zuccotti Park. Susan Wides at Kim Foster.

  • Peter Hutchinson @Freight + Volume

    I like the play with time/narrative in this 1970s Peter Hutchinson photocollage with extended lines. At Freight + Volume.

  • Louise Lawler @Sikkema Jenkins

    Louise Lawler’s spatial mashup of Jeff Koons’ broken egg and submerged basketballs. At Sikkema Jenkins.

  • Elizabeth Atterbury @KANSAS

    Abstract studio assemblage of plywood, dowel, and mini Brancusi tower by Elizabeth Atterbury, also at KANSAS Gallery.

  • Marina Pinsky @KANSAS

    Layered construction of folded sheet metal and shredded paper in resin blocks by Marina Pinksy at KANSAS Gallery.

  • Frederick Sommer @Met

    Love the quirky, ever changing display of photographs in the 2nd floor hall at the Met, Here’s a terrific Sommer.

  • Ralston Crawford @Met

    A gem hidden in the Street exhibit at the Met – Ralston Crawford’s striped girders from 1948.

  • Jan Groover @Janet Borden

    Fabulous Jan Groover still life drenched in sunshine yellow, in the Articulate group show at Janet Borden.

  • Dana Hoey @Petzel

    Hollow transparent shells of female bodies, like mummies or cocoons, from Dana Hoey’s The Phantom Sex at Petzel Gallery.

  • Vik Muniz @Sikkema Jenkins

    Hadn’t seen these before – Vik Muniz Flowers after Warhol, made of flowers, in the viewing room at Sikkema Jenkins.

  • Hank Willis Thomas @ICP

    Eye catching half black/half white top hat and tails series in the windows of the ICP by Hank Willis Thomas.

  • Jason Salavon @Ronald Feldman

    Jason Salavon diptych of imagery returned in web search of 100 most positive/negative words in English. At Ronald Feldman Gallery.

  • Edward Steichen @Staley-Wise

    Gorgeous 1931 Edward Steichen of the George Washington bridge. In the From the Archive Part II show at Staley-Wise Gallery.

  • Vera Lutter @Gotham Bar and Grill

    Lots of well-edited photography on the walls of trhe Gotham Bar and Grill. Here’s a mural sized Vera Lutter above the tables.