Photography in the 2014 Frieze New York Art Fair, Part 3 of 3

Part 1 of this three-part Frieze photography report can be found here. Head back there for more introductory background and explanatory notes on the structure of the summary slideshows. Part 2 is located here.

Regen Projects (here): I have seen few works by Beshty that were as physically folded as this recent one, with deep creases along the angles of the photogram, adding depth to the composition. Priced at $50000.

Taro Nasu Gallery (here): An intermingled array of Tokyo cityscapes and the endearing face of the photographer’s daughter. A set of 27 images by Takashi Homma, priced at $30000 and already sold.

Broadway 1602 (here): A clever example of early 1970s feminist photography, with the wedding cake cut open to reveal the bride. Penny Slinger, priced at $12000.

Broadway 1602 (here): Mid 1940s Bauhaus photomontage, with a face among the geometric solids. Xanti Schawinsky, priced at $24000.

Gallery Hyundai (here): The famous Muybridge horse experiment (with all four legs off the ground), puzzlingly re-envisioned with a horse as rider. Beom Kim, priced at $10000.

Bortolami Gallery (here): More underappreciated 1980s Barbara Kasten, with mirrors, glitter, and emphatic black lines. Priced at $14000.

Goodman Gallery (here): Zimbabwean sculptors squatting in the derelict former home of Die Vaderland (the first Afrikaans daily newspaper). Mikhael Subotzky, priced at $12000.

Taka Ishii Gallery (here): An early work by Kunié Sugiura, where a dark city scene made from photographic emulsion on canvas is paired with a monochrome block and an asymmetrical wooden frame. Seeing this, it seems clear where her later ideas for diptychs of photographs and solid color fields came from. Priced at $25000.

Sadie Coles HQ (here): New work by Michele Abeles, with a more densely woven interlacing of images. Priced at $8500 and already sold.

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (here): Sinuous sculptural forms, across an arching folded spread. Erin Shirreff, priced at $14000.

Hauser & Wirth (here): A dirty, headless, six million dollar man action figure, complete with a bionic leg. Paul McCarthy, priced at $75000.

Sfeir-Semler Gallery (here): The shifting, layered, multiple exposures of a Lebanese apartment block, like a single frame time lapse, and the backstory of an Israeli pilot’s refusal to bomb it. Akram Zaatari, priced at €15000.

Team Gallery (here): A three color Photoshop gradient, in thick, blazing, angled color. Cory Arcangel, priced at $75000 and already sold.

Sprüth Magers (here): A precarious Fischli & Weiss assemblage of two tires and a chair. Priced at €55000.

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