Photography in the 2013 SCOPE Art Show

The 2013 version of the SCOPE Art Show had a very different feel than any of the other fairs I attended this year. It was loose, emerging, and largely informal, with hardly any photographic work that was recognizable to me. Separating the wheat from the chaff took more effort, as there was plenty to see but much of it not particularly noteworthy. It felt less like a place where I might discover the next big thing in photography and more like a melting pot of some of the new ideas and approaches that are percolating around in the fringes.

The booths/galleries are arranged below by my winding path through the fair, with the images of interest in a slideshow. For each booth, a list of photographers has been provided (assuming there were wall labels/pencil marks to identify them, which there weren’t in many cases), with the number of works on display in parentheses. Additional commentary, prices, and pictures of the installation are also included as appropriate.

STANDING PINE – cube (here): Youki Hirakawa (4, 4 video screens). Multiple exposures transform a fallen candle into a bulbous morphing light abstraction ($1300).

Parlor Gallery (here): Ellen Stagg (3, 1 set of 3). Nudes aren’t usually chaotic, but this frieze-like interleaved multiple image certainly is. There is a visual connection to Robert Heinecken here somewhere.

Witzenhausen Gallery (here): Hendrik Kerstens (2), Jeff Robb (5). I’m still trying to get my head around lenticular photography and how it can be best employed without turning into a gimmick. This Robb nude is a lenticular image ($3800), so it subtly turns and blurs as you move around it.

Gagliardi Art System (here): Ralf Kaspers (1). Massive scale makes the people in this huge wave seem like ants, but crisp large format craftsmanship allows each one to be entirely legible ($60000). This image is reminiscent of a entire category of big work we have seen before, but nevertheless it’s still quite engrossing.

White Room Art System (here): Umberto Ciceri (15). Another artist working with lenticular prints, this time in bold, colorful abstractions ($18000 each). These striated, plaid squares shift and shimmer with futuristic intensity.

Aicon Gallery (here): Yamini Nayar (1). I like the uncertainty in this constructed/combined image ($6000); it doesn’t reveal itself too quickly and remains open ended.

Muriel Guépin Gallery (here): Matthew Conradt (2). This image was transferred to mylar and then cut into strips and reassembled, leaving out the windows ($7800). Up close, the effect is striped, handcrafted, and jittery, with a nod to Gordon Matta-Clark.

Galerie Van Der Planken (here): Helle Jetzig (3)

Waterhouse & Dodd (here): Jean-Francois Rauzier (2), Miru Kim (1)

Unix Fine Art (here): Zhang Peng (1)

Artepuy (here): Luis Brito (3)

Krause Gallery (here): Noah Scalin (2)

Alida Anderson Art Projects (here): Dulce Pinzon (4)

FitzRoy Knox (here): Christine Flynn (4)

Gallery G-77 (here): Hiroko Tsuchida (3)

C. Grimaldis Gallery (here): Christopher Saah (3), Bernd Radtke (5)

Center Space Gallery (here): Alex Guofeng Cao (12)

Evan Lurie Gallery (here): Nick Veasey (2), Tom Leighton (1), Jason Par Bennett (2)

Québec Focus (AGAC) (here): Yann Pocreau (1)

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space (here): Gaston Ugalde (3), Consuela Castañeda (5)

LICHT FELD Gallery (here): Tiffany Trenda (2)

ART LEXÏNG (here): Quentin Shih (3)

Faur Zsófi (here): Bela Doka (2), Arion Gabor Kodasz (2), Anna Fabricius (15), Adam Magyar (3)

Chashama (here): Bruce Campbell (1 diptych)

Tinca Art Contemporary (here): Rachel Monosov (6), Yapci Ramos (7)

Masters & Pelavin (here): Jeremy Harris (1)

Untitled Art Projects (here): Clayton Campbell (15), The Citizen X (1), Michelle Elmore (2)

CES Contemporary (here): Stepanka Peterka (1), Yuri Psinakis (1), Jordan Clark (3), Ashkan Honorvar (2 collages)

Platform-A Gallery (here): Kraig Wilson (1)

Golden Thread Gallery (here): Martin Boyle (7)

Art Mûr (here): Rebecca Belmore (1), Nadia Myre (3), Diana Thorneycroft (2)

Patrajdas Contemporary (here): Koh Sang Woo (4)

Mark Hatchem Gallery (here): Cheryl Maeder (2)

Fred Torres Collaborations (here): Luca Pizzaroni (1), Lainie Dalby (1), Dare Wright (1), Joey Lehman Morris (2), Judith Martin-Razi (1), Brett Beyer (1), Seb Janiak (3)

Allegra LaViola Gallery (here): HuskMitNavn (4)

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