Photography Highlights from Art Basel Miami Beach 2013, Part 2 of 3

While it is certainly possible to jump straight into any of our Art Basel Miami Beach slideshows and come out with plenty of photography highlights, the background information on how the posts are organized and broader commentary on the fair can be found in Part 1 (here).

Team Gallery (here): New Ryan McGinley, an interior scene of nudes on a bed in a saturated orange room. Printed wall sized and priced at $50000.

303 Gallery (here): The layered shadows of a double silhouette. New work from Collier Schorr, priced at $19000.

Anton Kern Gallery (here): A diptych of sunsets, cut like record sleeves. Anne Collier, priced at $28000.

Sies + Höke (here): Colored photographic filters, buckled and curved, like a photogram falling through space. João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, priced at €9800.

Metro Pictures (here): Spots and spotlights become an abstract design of their own. Louise Lawler, priced at $40000 each.

Chemould Prescott Road (here): New work from Rashid Rana, where his pictures within pictures pixelization technique has evolved into image fragments broken up and rearranged like a puzzle. Priced at $75000.

Greene Naftali Gallery (here): Wild haired troll portraits in 24×20 Polaroid, set against a background of mylar streamers. Lutz Bacher, each print priced at $16000.

Greene Naftali Gallery (here): Sunset snapshots physically twisted and deformed, then rephotographed as a series. Rachel Harrison, set of 4 prints priced at $30000.

Kavi Gupta Gallery (here): Curtis Mann adds a new technique to his innovative toolbox: a photograph reversed, with chips and scraps pulled back to reveal the image underneath (in this case, burls of wood). Priced at $9000.

Goodman Gallery (here): Mining a photojournalism archive from 1980s Belfast, with stray marks and gold leaf additions. Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, priced at $28000.

Xavier Hufkens (here): A lesser known Robert Mapplethorpe lily from 1979, with subtle shadows underneath. Priced at $36000.

Mitchell-Innes & Nash (here): Emerging from under the in-progress tune up of an orange Mercedes. New work from Justine Kurland, priced at $6500.

Skarstedt Gallery (here): A well-edited array of visual parallels: menacing sharks and car grilles. Richard Prince, priced at $250000.

Edwynn Houk Gallery (here): While the tactile vintage Tina on the Azotea dominated the array of Westons on this wall, I’m always on the lookout for great small Weston nudes from 1933/1934. This is a solid one, priced at $75000.

Mary Boone Gallery (here): Barbara Kruger effectively skewering the fair going crowd. Priced at $95000.

Paula Cooper Gallery (here): A terrific Christian Marclay DJ photogram, hung precariously high on a side wall. Priced at $55000 and already sold.

Galerie Nordenhake (here): Carleton Watkins still lifes of sculptural specimens, rephotographed and recontextualized with art history snippets. Iñaki Bonillas, the set of 4 prints priced at €10000.

Dominique Lévy Gallery (here): An excellent John Baldessari ladder of images, juxtaposing layers of fallen women. Priced at $900000 and already sold.

Marian Goodman Gallery (here): New Thomas Struth, the technical blue glow of a cinema complex. Priced at €120000.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery (here): An arrangement of asparagus shoots in lush 1960s color. Marie Cosindas, priced at $20000.

Pace/MacGill Gallery (here): The shimmering, unresolvable all over color of Paul Graham’s Films. Priced at $35000.

Part 3 of this report can be found here.

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