Photography at the 2011 Armory, Part 4 of 4

The 4th and final portion of our 2011 Armory summary covers Pier 92, also known as the Armory Show Modern. Part 1 of the review (which includes an explanation of the format) can be found here; Parts 2 and 3 can be found here and here.

Marlborough Gallery (here): Hans Silvester (1)

JGM. Galerie (here): Anne & Patrick Poirer (2)
Vivian Horan Fine Art (here): Cindy Sherman (1), Lynda Benglis (6). I had no idea photography was part of Benglis’ artistic practice. These color lanscapes were carefully traced with gold paint in certain areas. I didn’t ask the prices.
Springer & Winckler Galerie (here): Georges Rouse (2), Andy Goldsworthy (2), Hiroshi Sugimoto (4), Sigmar Polke (4), Arnold Odermatt (18). The entire outside wall of this booth was devoted to Odermatt. Aside from the two color portraits of children, they were all black and white car crashes from Karambolage.

Wetterling Gallery (here): Nathalia Edenmont (6), Mike and Doug Starn (1 diptych, 1 triptych). I liked the simple fragility of this massive Starn leaf. It was priced at $38000.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery (here): Shinichi Maruyama (3), Michael Wolf (6), Barbara Morgan (2), Rosalind Solomon (1), Andre Kertesz (10), Nathan Lyons (3 diptychs), Trine Sondergaard (10), Frederick Sommer (1), John Wood (2), Edward Weston (1), Alfred Stiedglitz (1), Irving Penn (2), Todd Hido (3), Paul Strand (1), Yao Lu (1), Aaron Siskind (10). I never tire of Siskind’s building facades, with their patterns of windows, moldings, and architectural lines. They clearly also work well when hung as a group/grid, so the geometries and differences in scale/color can play off one another.

Francis Naumann Fine Art (here): Man Ray (6). This Man Ray nude was terrific close up; it was priced at a hefty $250000. I also liked the suite of mathematical objects (particularly the star shaped form in the upper left), which I had never seen before. They were priced at $120000 for the set of 4.


Marc Selwyn Fine Art (here): Richard Misrach (1), Robert Mapplethorpe (1), William Wegman (2), Donald Huebler (1), Robert Heinecken (3). I’ve always liked Heinecken’s Polaroid foodgrams. They were priced at $11000 each.

Alan Koppel Gallery (here): Hiroshi Sugimoto (2), Diane Arbus (1), Gregory Crewdson (1), Richard Hamilton (3), Robert Frank (1), Robert Moskowitz (1)
Armand Bartos Fine Art (here): Barbara Kruger (1)
Gerald Peters Gallery (here): J. Henry Fair (1)
HackelBury Fine Art (here): Doug and Mike Starn (2), Garry Fabian Miller (4), Pascal Kern (10)
Yancey Richardson Gallery (here): Victoria Sambunaris (2), Sharon Core (1), Olivo Barbieri (2), Rachel Perry Welty (2), Alex Prager (7 + 1 video), Andrew Moore (1), Laura Letinsky (2), bryan Graf (3)
Amy Wolf Fine Art (here) and Elrick-Manley Fine Art (here): Hannah Wilke (4)
Chowaiki & Co. (here): Cindy Sherman (1)
James Barron Art (here): Elinor Carucci (1), Sally Mann (1), Kohei Yoshiyuki (1), Brian Finke (1), Wolfgang Tillmans (1). This installation shot doesn’t do justice to the delicacy of this huge abstract Tillmans. The pigment washes down the surface in tiny traceries and puffs of purple smoke. The print was priced at $78000.

Nancy Hoffman Gallery (here): Lisea Lyons (2)

Nohra Haime Gallery (here): Eve Sonneman (2 diptychs)
Contessa Gallery (here): David Drebin (5)
Next up: Photography at the 2011 ADAA Art Show

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