Photography at the 2010 Armory, Part 5 of 6

Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this multi-part Armory review post can be found here (part 1), here (part 2), here (part 3) and here (part 4). This post refers to the second half of the shorter hall to the left of the entrance area/cash registers, near the stairs up to Pier 92.

Corvi-Mora (here): Anne Collier (1), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (5)
Galeria SENDA (here): Eve Sussman (1), Massimo Vitali (1)
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery (here): Susanna Majuri (1), Sandra Kantanen (1), Pertti Kekarainen (1), Niko Luoma (3), Hannu Karjalainen (2), Ola Kolehmainen (1). This show echoes the current show of Helsinki School photographers now on view at the gallery (which we haven’t yet seen in person, but will certainly visit soon – I’m looking forward to educating myself more on many of these artists). I enjoyed the graphic quality and the detailed textures of the three images by Niko Luoma (stacks of newspapers, at right); they are priced at $8500 each. I continue to appreciate the glossy minimalist patterns of the work of Ola Kolehmainen, although the dark green example in the booth was less successful than others I have seen due to the bright reflections from the surrounding fair bustle; it was priced at $25000.
Ingleby Gallery (here): Francesca Woodman (1)
ONE and J. Gallery (here): Yunho Kim (5). Along one exterior wall of this booth, 4 panels by Yunho Kim were hung edge to edge, in a dense, colorful mosaic/typology of long distance bus images (each individual bus depicted in a rigorous, formal composition). Each panel was priced at $8000.
Taro Nasu Gallery (here): Futo Akiyoshi (1)
Yossi Milo Gallery (here): Robert Bergman (1), Loretta Lux (2), Myoung Ho Lee (8), Simen Johen (2), Youssef Nabil (5), Pieter Hugo (2), Sze Tsung Leong (7), Mohamed Bourouissa (1)
Aidan Gallery (here): Rauf Mamedov (9 images, available as one set or as 3 triptychs)
Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (here): Vik Muniz (4). These images (at right) are recreations of Piranesi’s 18th century etchings of imaginary prisons, only constructed with black string and nails. I never seem to tire of Munizreconsiderations of art history; they always seem fresh and unexpected.

Jack Shainman Gallery (here): Zwelethu Mthethwa (1), Rashid Rana (1), Carrie Mae Weems (4)

Galerie Guy Bärtschi (here): Nan Goldin (2), Marina Abramovic (1)

Horton Gallery (here): Eve Fowler (8)

GDM Galerie de Multiples (here): Bill Owens (1 group of 4 images)

Hales Gallery (here): Sebastiaan Bremer (6)

Studio La Città (here): Vincenzo Castella (5), Roberto de Paolis (2), Michael Najjar (1), Franco Fontana (1)

Jiri Svestka Gallery (here): Miroslav Tichy (12)

carlier gebauer (here): Paul Pfeiffer (set of 24 color seascapes), Paul Graham (set of 7 images), Robin Rhode (set of 28 images). The Paul Graham works (at right) are a series from a shimmer of possibility, depicting a gas station in North Dakota at dusk.

Voges Gallery (here): Adrian Williams (20)

Layr Wuestenhagen (here): Julien Bismuth (4)

Other Criteria (here): Ross McNicol (1)

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