Notes on the Link Lists

A few background comments on the various links we’re recommending on the right:

Galleries/Dealers: While we have met with and purchased from a wide variety of galleries and dealers from around the world over the years, the ones on the right have consistently provided us with both great material and great service. The best of these have spent time getting to know our collection and our aesthetic taste and have proactively introduced us to work that fits our point of view. They have truly acted like partners in the process of collection building and have become friends. More broadly, these galleries and private dealers put on excellent exhibitions, publish high quality catalogues and are a tremendous source of expertise and learning.

Auction Houses: All of the houses at right have semiannual (or more often) sales dedicated to photography and we have purchased from each of them at one point or another. Auction previews have been a great opportunity for us to see (and touch) a wide variety of world class work and to learn first hand from the specialists.

The houses in Europe offer a different slice of material than the US based houses, and provide excellent packing and shipping services to make it easy for foreign collectors to buy and sell. Many other smaller houses around the world are getting tuned into photography, so the market is getting broader.

Museums: These museums consistently offer thought provoking and challenging photography exhibitions (even the ones that don’t have a full time photography mandate). For the ones in our home city, we are members of the museum or at least visit often; for those out of town, we make a detour when we can.

Magazines/Newsletters: We read and subscribe to all the publications listed on the right. They each provide interesting/valuable insight into the world of photography and are worth your time/money.

Blogs: There are a multitude of blogs out there that have something interesting to say from time to time, so many that one can get lost just trying to keep up with them all. We find these blogs to be on a short list of those consistently worth checking out.

Let us know what we’ve missed in each category!

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