Huachen Auctions, Beijing

I’ve gotten quite a bit of good information about Chinese photography via email as a result of some of the posts from the past few weeks.

One email of particular interest included a pointer to the photography auctions being held by Huachen Auctions in Beijing, which were entirely unknown to us. This house is offering twice a year sales of Chinese photography, with lots of images from all periods.

The site is a hybrid of English and Chinese, so you’ll have to do a little work to find images that fit your collection (unless you read Mandarin), and I have no idea what might be required to actually be a foreign buyer at one of their sales. That said, the lists of images are great as an educational resource.

The site is here. Go to Auction Results to find the catalogues from the past few sales and dig around.

Huachen Auctions
Flat A 23
North Ring Centre
No.18 Yumin Road
Xicheng District
Beijing 100029

HuaChen Auctions

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