Highlights from Paris Photo 2013, Part 4 of 5

While every section of this comprehensive Paris Photo roundup can likely stand on its own, for those that want to start at the beginning, the first portion of the tour (along with an explanation of how the slideshows are organized) can be found here.

This section covers the area to the middle right of the fair (closer to the center), as seen from the entrance.

Nailya Alexander Gallery (here): Emmanuil Evzerikhin’s sky blanketed by paratroopers. Priced at €55000.

Galerie Bertrand Grimont (here): A stylized nude by Gilles Berquet, the bottom half covered by chance printed striations, almost like a dress. Priced at €3200.

Taro Nasu Gallery (here): The mundane suburban rituals of father and daughter, as seen by Takashi Homma. Priced at €3800.

Taro Nasu Gallery (here): A wall covering grid of Taiji Matsue’s densely patterned city views from around the world. From Paris to Osaka, Matsue transforms urban architecture into texture. Priced at €1000 each.

Robert Koch Gallery (here): A simply gorgeous Drtikol nude (with vase), steeped in lush tactile tonalities. No wonder it was priced at €135000.

303 Gallery (here): An early Stephen Shore conceptual piece, where he took a photograph of himself every 30 minutes for an entire 24 hour period. Sleeping is the dominant activity, but driving and lounging on the couch make repeated appearances as well. Priced at $75000.

Ivorypress Gallery (here): Soft pastel pink clouds hover delicately over Alexander Gronsky’s otherwise ruined landscape of electrical towers, leftover trash, and discarded tires. Priced at €3000.

Galerie m Bochum (here): Simone Nieweg’s dense, almost claustrophobic, edge to edge thicket of apple branches and scrub brush. Priced at €15000.

Christophe Guye Galerie (here): I never seem to tire of Rinko Kawauchi’s up and down installations of ephemeral, life affirming moments. This group (with smaller and more rectangular prints than I have seen before) was priced at €37000.

Christophe Guye Galerie (here): I came away intrigued by the small selection of works by Ina Jang hung on the exterior wall of this booth. She’s playing with perspective, pattern, and expected boundaries/edges in unusual ways. This print was €3000.

Galerie Polaris (here): New works by Stéphane Couturier depicting elaborate Algerian facades with billowing laundry and crowded balconies. Priced at €13000.

Vintage Galéria (here): Dora Maurer’s layered, geometric triptych of photogram abstractions. Priced as a set of 3 prints for €25000.

Vintage Galéria (here): György Lorinczy’s New York: stark, high contrast, and full of rough energy. Priced at €6000.

Raíña Lupa (here): This work by Ferran Garcia Sevilla was made by tying a camera to a rope and swinging it from a tree limb over a bed of rocky terrain. The result is a set of energetic blurred abstractions, created as the camera whistled by and captured the motion of the ground below. A simple idea, but with an unexpectedly lively outcome. Priced at €15000.

David Zwirner (here): I’ve already written in praise of Thomas Ruff’s recent photograms, but this was a new image from the series, not on view during the last show in New York. Priced at $95000.

Galerie Françoise Paviot (here): Light sensitive drawing long before it was cool – 1850s cliché-verres by Eugene Delacroix. A set of three prints for €25000.

Priska Pasquer (here): Shin Yanagisawa’s firework negative, where the blossom of light in the sky turns into a menacing black presence. Priced at €6500.

Photo & Contemporary (here): Gabriele Basilico made some of his best work in the mid 1980s, paring down architectural scenes with extreme clarity. Vintage prints of these images aren’t easy to find these days, so it was a treat to see an entire wall of them. Priced between €6000 and €7500 each.

James Hyman Gallery (here): Stacks and stacks of supermarket beans, via Chris Killip. Priced at €7500.

Von Lintel Gallery (here): Pierre Cordier and Gundi Falk’s meticulous abstract chemigrams continue to attract my attention. These new works are intricately striated, playing with horizontals and intersecting angles. Priced at €23000 each.

Laurence Miller Gallery (here): An exterior wall of this booth held prints from Roger Mertin’s Plastic Love Dream series. This particular image mixes a pair of nudes with a covering sheet of plastic, letting the light refractions float across the obscured surface. Priced at €2800.

Flatland Gallery (here): The decaying, middle of nowhere, Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument from Rob Hornstra’s Sochi Project. Priced at €2250.

SAGE Paris (here): Marie Passa’s bright tints and filters turn architectural images into variations of color mixed abstraction. Priced at €4000 each.

Gallery Taik Persons (here): This new work from Niko Luoma finds him moving in a slightly different direction. His rectangles and circles made up of hundreds of lines are gone, replaced by the collapsing facets of a cube, tinted by RGB filters to make a geometric rainbow of pastel overlaps and combinations. Priced at €9000.

Gallery Taik Persons (here): Mikko Rikala’s rectangle of ice diptych is a clever conceptual riff on the passing time; the first image shows the block removed during the frozen winter, while the second shows it replaced months later after the melt. Priced at €3200.

Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve (here): This booth was boldly punctuated by monumental prints of Juergen Teller’s nude series of the white skinned and orange haired Vivienne Westwood; fairgoers didn’t quite know how to react to such aggressive scale (note the woman posing for a snapshot between Westwood’s legs). The set of three images was being sold as a group, priced at €126000.

Carlos Carvalho Contemporary Art (here): Daniel Blaufuks’ measuring of time, the passing of 15 minutes frozen forever. Priced at €3690 each.

Galerie Conrads (here): Everhard Grames’ East German coal gang, a modern echo of darkly encrusted miner images from across the history of the medium. Priced at €18000.

Eric Franck Fine Art (here): Rough, mid 1970s punk portraits by Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon, matched by a spray painted title across the exterior wall of the booth. This print was priced at €4000.

Paradise Row (here): Jane and Louise Wilson’s images of abandoned H-bomb test sites, with their signature rulers and measuring sticks collaged on top. Priced at €7500 each.

Analix Forever (here): Mounir Fatmi’s sandwiched images of Fra Angelico saints and modern doctors set up a complex juxtaposition of black leg miracles, cutting edge surgery, and positive/negative reversals. Priced at €10000 each.

Peter Lav Gallery (here): These constructed installations by Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs were very smart, playing with spatial proportions in illusionistic ways and using two by fours to alternately support and mirror certain architectural features found in these empty Berlin lots. The prints ranged in price from €3800 to €6000, based on size.


Purdy Hicks (here): A girl curled up on a bunk bed in the arched ceiling of a bus, from Tom Hunter’s series taken in traveling caravans. Priced at €4000.

Part 5 of this report (covering the area in the center) can be found here.

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