Highlights from Paris Photo 2013, Part 3 of 5

While every section of this comprehensive Paris Photo roundup can likely stand on its own, for those that want to start at the beginning, the first portion of the tour (along with an explanation of how the slideshows are organized) can be found here.

This section covers the area to the far right of the fair, as seen from the entrance.

Galerie Bernard Bouche (here): This was a solo booth of multi-image narratives by Marc Trivier. Gutting a deer carcass in the snowy forest was priced at €6000.

Robert Morat Galerie (here): This quietly penetrating portrait was one of several prints on view from Bertien van Manen’s Easter and Oak Trees series. Priced at €1800.

Stephen Bulger Gallery (here): Alison Rossiter’s deceptively simple darkroom abstractions always seem to impress me. Chemicals are used in a painterly way, with a minimalist eye for geometry. Priced at €3200.

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff (here): Xavier Dauny’s typology of the backs of road signs would seem like the kind of thing we’ve seen before, but the formal bracing behind the signs is more angular than expected and the bright whiteness of the prints recalls the feel of Henry Wessel. Priced at €960 each.

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff (here): There is something seductive about the lushness of the color in this image by Simone Kappeler. Priced at €8000 and already sold out.

La Galerie Particulière (here): Set against a dingy whitewashed brick wall, Bogota’s homeless pose for Stanislas Guigui; it’s an alternately quirky and harrowing parade of despair. Priced at €2800.

Camera Obscura (here): Takashi Arai’s daguerreotype lilies glow with a radioactive blue tint, evoking the disaster at Fukushima. Priced at €5700.

Steven Kasher Gallery (here): Weegee’s mordant wit in full force: a bloody sidewalk corpse covered by a sheet of paper, flanked by a post box reminder to “Mail Early for Delivery Before Christmas”. Priced at $6000.

School Gallery Olivier Castaing (here): New portrait work from Vee Spears, including a boomerang toting young girl with dead baby deer draped over her shoulders, perfect for Katniss Everdeen fans. Priced at €3200 (in the smaller size).

Bourouina Gallery (here): Lara Dhondt’s works are printed on sheets of coreten steel, giving them a moody dark grey tint; apparently, the steel will oxidize over time, slowly adding a warm rusty hue to the mix. Priced at €4500.

Asymetria Gallery (here): This dramatic photocollage (both photography and installation) was part of a triptych of Auschwitz works made by Wojciech Plewiński in collaboration with set designer Józef Szajna. Priced at €10000.

Gitterman Gallery (here): Not too many elegant Jaromir Funke nudes running around these days, so seeing this rarity was a treat. Priced at €46000.

Gitterman Gallery (here): Rigidly proportioned textures and surfaces flatten into effortlessly geometric abstractions of the modernist Maison de Verre, as seen by Adam Bartos. Priced at €7000.

Fifty One Fine Art Photography (here): A gorgeous Erwin Blumenfeld nude tucked on a side wall, a soft glow outlining a dark form. Priced at €42000.

Taka Ishii Gallery (here): While the Eikoh Hosoe prints from Embrace were undeniably alluring, this full wall of Nobuyoshi Araki works, a chaotic jumble of flash lit bodies, beds, bathtubs, and streets, was mesmerizing. The entire set of 162 prints was priced at €238000 and already sold.

Galerie Eric Dupont (here): New works in color from Nicholas Nixon. Up close faces/skin predominate, but this wild sweep of Bebe’s hair explodes like a firework. Priced at €4300.

HackelBury Fine Art (here): New work from the Starns slices tree forms into strips of varnished tissue, which are then layered and overlapped into shifting tinted friezes. Priced at €38000.

Jörg Maass Kunsthandel (here): A solid selection of Subjektive Fotografie tucked into a corner, led by this snow/shadow composition by Siegfried Lauterwasser. Priced at €3400.

MEM (here): The delightfully unsettling early black and white work of Tomoko Sawada, made when she was just 18 years old. Priced at €1200.

Galerie Thessa Herold (here): A twisted, intermingled multiple exposure nude from Surrealist Raoul Ubac. Priced at €42000.

Robert Klein Gallery (here): Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti’s triptychs of work, home, and public personas/clothing. Priced at $2100.

Galerie Christophe Gaillard (here): Hannah Whitaker’s in-camera masking creates a loose cube pattern overlaid across a Louisiana jungle scene. Priced at €3900.

Galerie Hussenhot (here): A small airplane covered in canvas becomes a flattened fence-like structure when seen from behind. Eberhard Havekost, priced at €1100.

Bendana-Pinel (here): Makeshift corrugated tin shacks collaged into jungle scenes. Caio Reisewitz, priced at €4500

Stephen Daiter Gallery (here): György Kepes deftly uses a peacock feather and an overpainted red leaf to interrupt a facial portrait, almost like a mask. Priced at €60000.

Bonni Benrubi Gallery (here): An evening image of Venice by Matthew Pillsbury, decorated by thin wisps of ghostly light trailing down the canal. Priced at $6500.

Glaz Gallery (here): Tim Parchikov’s incisive commentary on Russian journalism, with men reading newspapers engulfed in flames. The set of 6 images is priced at €6500.

Graphika La Estampa (here): Lázaro Blanco’s nuanced geometric buildings, with echoes of Mexican Modernism. Priced at €3500.

Polka Galerie (here): A small Toshio Shibata contact print, with converging angular waterfalls. Reasonably priced at €900.

WestLicht (here): The surreal stare of gruesome bloody sheep in a Paris slaughter house. Madame D’Ora, priced at €5600.

Galerie VU’ (here): J.H. Engstrom’s red bathrobe and red flare simmers with inviting brightness. Priced at €4500.

Part 4 of this report (covering the area to the middle right) can be found here.

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