Highlights from Classic Photographs Los Angeles 2014, Part 2 of 2

Part 1 of this post can be found here. Head back there for introductory background and an explanation of the slideshow format.

Paul Berlanga Fine Art (here): Robert Heinecken, $5000.

Paul Berlanga Fine Art (here): Sandro, $7500.

Joel Soroka Gallery (here): Hiromu Kira, $18000.

Joel Soroka Gallery (here): Ei-Kyu, $28000.

Joseph Bellows Gallery (here): John Schott, $8000.

Joseph Bellows Gallery (here): Thomas Barrow, $7500.

Lee Gallery (here): Kathy Grove/William Wegman, (no prices available).

Lee Gallery (here): Edward Weston, (no price available).

Alan Klotz Gallery (here): T. Lux Feininger, (no price available).

Alan Klotz Gallery (here): Josef Sudek, $17500.

Paul M. Hertzmann Inc. (here): Lucas Samaras, $5500.

Paul M. Hertzmann Inc. (here): Walker Evans, $45000.

Michael Dawson Gallery (here): National Electric Works, $6000.

Michael Dawson Gallery (here): Roger Minick, $3000.

Etherton Gallery (here): Garry Winogrand (from the 15 Big Shots portfolio), complete portfolio $POR.

Etherton Gallery (here): Wall of Masao Yamamoto prints, $800-3500 each.

Gallery 19/21 (here): Gyula Holics, (no price available).

Gallery 19/21 (here): Osamu Shiihara, (no price available).

Richard Moore Photographs (here): Dorothea Lange, $15000.

Richard Moore Photographs (here): Helen Levitt, $25000.

Scott Nichols Gallery (here): Edward Weston (Cole Weston), $10000.

Scott Nichols Gallery (here): Edward Weston, $POR.

Scheinbaum & Russek (here): Robbert Flick, (no price available).

Scheinbaum & Russek (here): Luis González Palma, (no price available).

William L. Schaeffer Photographs (no website): Walker Evans, $15000.

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