Every Booth at the 2015 AIPAD Photography Show New York, Part 2 of 4

This is Part 2 of our 2015 AIPAD Photography Show New York summary. While it is certainly possible to enter any of our reports directly, for more general background information on the fair and further information on the structure of these slideshows, head back to Part 1 (here).

Peter Fetterman Gallery (here): The doubled explosive power of an oil field fireball and a blast of water. Sebastiao Salgado, from 1991, priced at $8700.

Jenkins Johnson Gallery (here): A rugged, shadowy portrait of Red Jackson from the famous Harlem Gang Leader photo essay. Gordon Parks, priced at $10800. (We reviewed the excellent book about this project last year here.)

Klompching Gallery (here): Using an intricate lace-like veil pattern to digitally composite a head and landscape. Helen Sear, from 2006, priced at $3500.

Deborah Bell Photographs (here): Surreally smooth mannequin bodies all in a row. Josef Albers, from 1930, priced at $55000.

Danziger Gallery (here): Black and white nudes interrupted by cutout overpainting and collaged forms. Enoc Perez, priced at $5500.

Winter Works on Paper (here): Feeding a hot dog, with eyes in opposing directions. Weegee, from 1940, priced at $5000.

Michael Hoppen Gallery (here): A facial shadow perfectly placed to align with a rainbow bus logo. Eamonn Doyle, priced at $2200.

Michael Dawson Gallery (here): A first edition of Alexey Brodovitch’s classic Ballet. Priced at $4000.

The Halsted Gallery (here): Rare Clarence White images (with painterly collodion edges) used to illustrate the 1903 story Beneath the Wrinkle. As a set of 8, priced at $125000.

Jackson Fine Art (here): An ’80s print of Frederick Sommer’s 1943 classic exercise in cropped down, disorienting desert landscape. I don’t think it’s possible to ever tire of Sommer’s meticulous mastery of printing. Priced at $50000.

Alan Klotz Gallery (here): Compositional contrast created with intricate compass lines and the charred edge of a wartime newspaper. A Gyorgy Kepes montage from 1942, priced at $7500.

Yossi Milo Gallery (here): Marco Breuer at his most gracefully sinuous. Curves in gradient orange, priced at $15000.

Steven Kasher Gallery (here): Starting with a broad mountain and lake vista rendered in astonishing detail, Clifford Ross has used that source image as the starting point for a variety of unexpected technological experiments, from animations and video to tinted still frames. This is a leafy fragment from that much larger landscape, printed on wood veneer, allowing the grain to show through. Priced at $8500. (Ross is now represented by Steven Kasher, having moved over from the now closed Sonnabend.)

HackelBury Fine Art (here): Working his way through his last remaining stock of Cibachrome, a new book of intense (sometimes throbbing) color abstractions (entitled Bliss) from Garry Fabian Miller, with new prints to match. Sold as pairs (book + 1 print), priced at $9000.

Henry Feldstein (no website): Yet another surreal Weegee sidewalk moment, where a mannequin corpse lies surrounded by a liquor store throng. From 1944, priced at $35000.

Hyperion Press (here): Using black overpainting to isolate and disassemble a nude. Vintage Man Ray, from 1928-1929, priced at $34000.

Sasha Wolf Gallery (here): Photograms like astronomical events, where light and dark dance in partial glowing shadows. Caleb Charland, priced at $2600.

Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire (here): A study in competing geometries, using the canal as reflector. John Davies, priced at $10900.

Scheinbaum & Russek Ltd. (here): A penetrating gaze from within a blanket. Laura Gilpin, from 1932, priced at $10500.

William L. Schaeffer (here): A delicate leaf specimen in unfaded cyanotype. Anna Atkins, from 1844-1854, priced at $32000.

Robert Mann Gallery (here): Long haired, straight faced, early 1970s Mike Mandel inserting himself into oddball situations. Fun evidence of the embarrassment of conceptual photography (and those giggles in the background are contagious). Priced at $6000.

Grimaldi Gavin (here): Actual marble veining and trompe l’oeil painting (with plaster dents) combined into an off-center mirrored grid. Heidi Specker, priced at $17800.

Continue to Part 3 of this summary report here. Part 4 is here.

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