Every Booth at the 2014 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 4 of 4

This is the 4th and final part of our 2014 AIPAD Photography Show summary. For more general background information on the fair and further information on the structure of these slideshows, please return to Part 1 (here).

This report covers the booths on the far right aisle of the show floor, as seen from the entrance.

Von Lintel Gallery (here): A photogram of ice, shifting as it melts. Farrah Karapetian, priced at $1800.

Gallery 339 (here): A typology made from a single light bulb, tracing states from light to dark. Amanda Means, the set of 16 priced at $45000.

Michael Dawson Gallery (here): Sunbathing amid the scrubland. Late 1970s Anthony Hernandez, priced at $10000.

Richard Moore Photographs (here): A delicate, up close Johan Hagemeyer rose from 1938. Priced at $12000.

Stephen Bulger Gallery (here): Carousel horses (and one dog). 1930’s André Kertész, priced at $35000.

798 Photo Gallery (here): From afar, a classic Chinese scroll form; up close, a snow scene made of construction netting and belching power plants. Yao Lu, priced at $5400.

Catherine Couturier Gallery (here): Billows of clouds over a low horizon seascape. Renate Aller, priced at $3500.

Henry Feldstein (no website): Kissing in a coffee shop booth, with sodas on the table. Weegee’s The Clutch, priced at $7500.

Staley-Wise Gallery (here): A surreal Steven Klein – an unlikely pairing of a nude model and a frantic horse in a swimming pool. Priced at $25000.

Janet Sirmon Fine Art (here): Meticulously using photographs to render three dimensional space. Barret Oliver, priced at $5000.

Keith De Lellis Gallery (here): The flattened geometries of a concrete bridge, a passing train, and the walking space underneath. Gianni Berengo Gardin, priced at $5000.

William L. Schaeffer Photographs (here): The floating daintiness of a ballerina; hang it next to a Francesca Woodman. Margrethe Mather (one of Edward Weston’s early companions), 1917, priced at $35000.

Hyperion Press (here): Overlapping, mirror image stairways. René-Jacques, priced at $5000.

Paci Contemporary (here): Here’s one for the process enthusiasts out there. Transfer the exposed/fixed photographic emulsion from its original paper to a glass substrate, then sandwich half a dozen or more layers together into a solid (but transparent) block. The effect is a shifting interplay of imagery. Michal Macku, priced at $17000.

ClampArt (here): Few captured the electric energy of New York city lights better than Ted Croner. Priced at $5500.

L. Parker Stephenson Photographs (here): A portrait interrupted by a still life. The avant-garde sensibility of Florence Henri, priced at $40000.

Stephen Daiter Gallery (here): Did I feature this Callahan multiple exposure in last year’s AIPAD summary? Yes. Is it any less mind blowing a year later? No. Priced at $60000.

Fifty One Fine Art Photography (here): Intricately overpainted cabinet cards. Tom Butler, $600 each.

Laurence Miller Gallery (here): Slashing layers of interlocking multiple exposure triangles, almost like monochrome stained glass. Ray Metzker, priced at $7500.

Laurence Miller Gallery (here): Up and down undulations of a jittering nude abstraction. Barbara Blondeau, priced at $20000.

Jackson Fine Art (here): The faint outline of a child, peering through a crusty cabin window. Nicholas Prior, priced at $5500.

Edwynn Houk Gallery (here): Abelardo Morell’s long exposure camera obscura images used to wash out the skies of his projected scenes. His newer digital exposures are much shorter, allowing him to capture the drifting clouds over Toledo. Priced at $18000.

David Zwirner (here): An elusive figure captured amid the vertiginous arcs and cut throughs of this Gordon Matta-Clark intervention. Priced at $110000.

Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs (here): The Pictorialist hanging ropes and rigging of a Cadiz harbor scene. Alvin Langdon Coburn in gum bichromate, priced at $250000.

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