Every Booth at the 2014 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 3 of 4

This is Part 3 of our 2014 AIPAD Photography Show summary. For more general background information on the fair and further information on the structure of these slideshows, please return to Part 1 (here).

This report covers the booths in the middle right aisle of the show floor, as seen from the entrance.

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery (here): The striped marble of the Duomo, seen via layers of multiple exposures. A new direction for Ola Kolehmainen, priced at $27000.

Catherine Edelman Gallery (here): Impossible natural settings, digitally stitched together (like Ruud van Empel) from hundreds of images. Ysabel LeMay, priced at $7000.

Steven Kasher Gallery (here): The clever formal interplay of tights and tile – Daido Moriyama’s How to Create a Beautiful Picture portfolio, priced at $12000.

Sasha Wolf Gallery (here): Drips and splatters in tonal grey, made using a red candle. Caleb Charland, priced at $2600.

Bonni Benrubi Gallery (here): Architectural details in a shifting, indeterminate geometric framework. Stephane Couturier, priced at €12000.

Joel Soroka Gallery (here): Still life Modernism, with scissors and thimble. A vintage Pierre Dubreuil oil print, priced at $100000.

Halsted Gallery (here): A 1920s Josef Sudek silver bromide print, in a more moody Pictorialist mode. Priced at $15000.

Robert Koch Gallery (here): A rare 1967 multiple solution puzzle from Robert Heinecken. The wood blocks turn to allow the slices of images to interchange, mixing natural forms and nudes. Priced at “low six figures”.

Julie Saul Gallery (here): A new series of Brooklyn fencing (this one made of corrugated metal with barbed wire) from Charles Johnstone. Priced at $5600.

Vintage Works (here): The elemental forms of the circle, square, and triangle in an overlapped Moholy-Nagy photogram. Price POR.

Andrea Meislin Gallery (here): A wall sized digital construction, playing with changing architectural scale and reflected forms. Ilit Azoulay, priced at $27000.

Gallery 19/21 (here): The wispy blobs of a 1935 Maurice Tabard photogram. Priced at $24000.

Feroz Galerie (here): A bright orange Hans Bellmer poupée, hiding in the trees wearing mary janes. Priced at $45000.

Klompching Gallery (here): Images of the family farm, walked on, damaged, and partially reconstructed. Odette England, priced at $2000.

Paul M. Hertzmann Inc. (here): The crisp, nuanced elegance of a broken table leg, with spiraled peg and splintered wood. Cas Oorthuys, priced at $18000.

Robert Mann Gallery (here): Salton Sea Richard Misrach, the lonely light blue diving board falling away into the softness of the misty pink. Priced at $25000.

Picture Photo Space (here): Ayano Sudo in pastel sweetness, taking on the roles of various missing girls. Priced at $2400.

Galería Vasari (here): A twisted, mirror ball portrait, with subject and artist bent into the same frame. Annemarie Heinrich, priced at $25000.

PPOW Gallery (here): This booth was a solo show of the work of Ellen Kooi, the flash of red hair amid a thicket of reflected twigs standing out amid the parade of solitary women in quietly fantastical landscapes. Priced at $7000.

Throckmorton Fine Art (here): The bisected black and white of a sand dune in Namibia. Marilyn Bridges, priced at $4000.

Part 4 of this summary is forthcoming.

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