Every Booth at the 2014 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 2 of 4

This is Part 2 of our 2014 AIPAD Photography Show summary. For more general background information on the fair and further information on the structure of these slideshows, please return to Part 1 (here).

This report covers the booths in the middle left aisle of the show floor, as seen from the entrance. The only booth not included is Jenkins Johnson Gallery, where photography was not allowed; this was too bad, as there was a surprising Roy DeCarava image of a crushed can that I would have like to have featured.


M97 Gallery (here): Chinese memories, elusively recreated. Wang Ningde, priced at $5000.

Photography at Quaritch (here): Tumbling, hair twirling curls in a richly toned 1843 portrait by Hill and Adamson. Priced at $50000.

M+B Gallery (here): A stuttering array of diamond shaped in-camera cutouts, executed in bold orange. Hannah Whitaker, priced at $5500.

Barry Singer Gallery (here): Teenage Brett Weston, showing off his skills as a Modernist. From 1929 (and the Film und Foto show), priced at $35000.

Weston Gallery (here): The intertwined legs of Bertha, from 1927. Edward Weston, priced at $500000.

Weston Gallery (here): The lush, enveloping petals of a white climitis. Edward Steichen, from 1925, priced at $140000.

Verve Gallery of Photography (here): Combination nudes and florals, inspired by early Japanese poetry. Brigitte Carnochan, priced at $1000.

Galerie f5,6 (here): Echoing triangles and pared down geometries. Gerry Johansson, priced at $1350.

Scott Nichols Gallery (here): The thin bisecting line of a crossing train. William Garnett, priced at $36000.

Lee Gallery (here): This booth was an impressive, museum quality solo exhibit of the work of Karl Struss, tracing his path from Europe, to New York, and on to California between 1909 and 1919. Classic New York views like this one through cables were strongly represented. Priced at $50000.

Robert Klein Gallery (here): Everyday life, with a tank looming in the background. Gohar Dashti, priced at $28000.

Rick Wester Fine Art (here): This booth contained two unusual early 1960s portfolios of color abstractions by Wynn Bullock. Made using prisms and light refractions, the colors twist and bend in intermingled layers. The brown album of 10 prints (from which this fiery image is drawn) was priced at $55000.

James Hyman Gallery (here): The subtle textures and bulky form of the tumbled rocks of Le Tombeau de la Chretienne in Algeria, taken by John Beasley Greene in 1856. Priced at $65000.

Weinstein Gallery (here): The seductive framed eye of the Countess de Castiglione. Pierre-Louis Pierson, from 1863, NFS.

Kopeikin Gallery (here): Andy Freeberg’s incisive eye, as applied to the spectacle of the art fair. Priced at $8600.

Gitterman Gallery (here): A vintage chemigram (nail polish on photographic paper) from the mid 1970s by Pierre Cordier. Priced at $7000.

Michael Hoppen Gallery (here): Early close up faces from a lesser known member of the Vivo cooperative. Akira Sato, priced at $16000.

Etherton Gallery (here): Late 1920s Walker Evans, with the International Telephone Building turned into an exercise in linear form. Priced at $18000.

Joseph Bellows Gallery (here): The repeating verticals of late 1970s electrical poles and parking lots. Grant Mudford, priced at $5000.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery (here): Triangles of legs covered in repeated angles of overstitching. Keith Smith, priced at $12000.

Part 3 of this summary can be found here.

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