Every Booth at the 2013 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 6 of 6

Start here for Part 1 of this series. It provides some background and explanation for what’s going on in these lists.

Andrea Meislin (here): Angela Strassheim. Finding a secret world hiding under the covers.

Vision Neil Folberg Gallery (here): Georg Kuettinger, $11000. A massive broad landscape of stitched together tire swipes.

Richard Moore Photographs (here): Johan Hagemeyer, $12000. Another lesser known but worthy Modernist, represented by a well crafted image of city buildings.

Keith De Lellis Gallery (here): Margaret Bourke-White, $18000. I think of 1930 as near the beginning of Bourke-White’s professional career, so it was exciting to see this early shimmering airplane hangar study from that year.

Joel Soroka Gallery (here): Gyorgy Kepes, $8000. I had no idea Gyorgy Kepes made any works past the late 1940s, so it is was a total shock to see a group of large scale 1980s Polaroid still life constructions (in color no less) in this booth.

Halsted Gallery (here): Julia Margaret Cameron, $11500. Another ethereal Cameron portrait, very reasonably priced given its quality (refreshingly the norm with the friendly Halsteds).

PPOW (here): David Wojnarowicz, $25000. Vintage prints from Wojnarowicz’ Arthur Rimbaud in New York series are pretty rare, so this gem is worth seeking out.

Higher Pictures (here): K8 Hardy, $8000. This booth was a solo show of Hardy’s Position series, mixing photograms and self-portraits into arresting hybrids. I was able to flip through the full body of work (in a box on the table) and I came away extremely impressed by Hardy’s originality and range. This particular image reminded me of Claude Cahun, but in a harsher and distinctly modern guise.

Stephen Daiter Gallery (here): Harry Callahan, $60000. This image just left me shaking my head in awe. What an astounding, astonishing photograph. Stunning is an overused word in art writing, but this one left me slack-jawed and truly stunned by its brilliance.

Nailya Alexander Gallery (here): Pentti Sammallahti, $1100. I liked the gentle, natural balance in this image, the cross of the broken tree limb and the flanking silhouettes of small birds.

Danziger Gallery (here): Susan Derges, $15000. I’ve always been a fan of Susan Derges’ River Taw photograms, so I’m intrigued to see her returning to similar subject matter, albeit now using digital technologies.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery (here): Jaromir Funke, $175000. This was one of the most impressive prints I saw in the entire fair. Cut paper folds intertwined like staircases, a symphony in subtle white.

Hans P. Kraus Jr. Inc. (here): William Henry Fox Talbot, POR. What better way to end this summary than by going back to the beginning with a lovely plant photogram by William Henry Fox Talbot. Even when we bustle and rush to find the next new thing in photography, it’s important to be reminded that the very old still has the power to take our breath away.

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