Every Booth at the 2013 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 3 of 6

Start here for Part 1 of this series. It provides some background and explanation for what’s going on in these lists.

Alan Klotz Gallery (here): Josef Sudek, $14000. Not every Sudek table top still life is as active as this one with its shuddering multiplied egg reflection

Michael Shapiro Photographs (here): Lewis Baltz, $28000. Prices for vintage Baltz prints have sure come up quite a bit in recent years, but this image is the kind I appreciate most. I love the circles on the left as an addition to the rectangular geometries, all executed in middle grey with a dash to dark black at the bottom.

Photo Gallery International (here): Yasuhiro Ishimoto, $7400. This fiery Ishimoto abstraction reminded me of a Morris Louis Color Field painting.

Galerie f5,6 (here): Anne Schwalbe, $2500. Each of the Schwalbe images on display was dominated by a single subtle color hue. This pink wall was quietly refined.

Peter Fetterman Gallery (here): Sebastiao Salgado, $50000. This huge print was shown on the exterior wall, the river at the bottom of the mountain valley shining like a white line.

James Hyman Gallery (here): Gustave Le Gray, $35000. I didn’t realize Le Gray had made images in Egypt, so this stone gate was an unexpected surprise.

Robert Klein Gallery (here): Francesca Woodman, $55000. This elegant image is actually a video still from one of Woodman’s film projects. I like the mix of torn paper and revealed body.

Bonni Benrubi Gallery (here): Stephane Couturier, €11000. The immediately identifiable architecture of Brasilia, reconsidered via interlocked image fragment puzzle pieces.

Barry Singer Gallery (here): Lotte Jacobi, $6500. A hallmark of high contrast, unbalanced composition, the big black circle offsetting the oval face and its defined lips.

Hyperion Press Limited (here): Man Ray, NFS. A tiny print, but still impressive.

Scheinbaum & Russek Ltd. (here): Walter Chappell, $3000. Carrot tops that seem to glow with internal light.

Steven Kasher Gallery (here): Irving Penn, $75000. There were plenty of Penns at AIPAD, but this one was my favorite. I like the twisted silhouettes passing through the glass and wine bottle.

Robert Burge/20th Century Photographs (here): D.W. Mellor, $3500 each. A theme and variation sonata of ovals and waved forms in this grid of abstractions.

Continue to Part 4 here.

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