Every Booth at the 2013 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 2 of 6

Start here for Part 1 of this series. It provides some background and explanation for what’s going on in these lists.

Etherton Gallery (here): Frederick Sommer, $35000. It’s a glass pile, but it’s also an exercise in texture, all-over abstraction, flattened space, and generally blowing your mind.

Galeria Vasari (here): Anatole Saderman, $10000. I’ve only ever seen a few of these Saderman florals, so it was great to see an entire wall of them in one place.

Yancey Richardson Gallery (here): Alex Prager, $6000. Don’t miss the falling body in the bottom of the frame.

Joseph Bellows Gallery (here): John Schott, $8000. One of the lesser known New Topographics photographers, Schott deserves a closer look. I like the collapsed layers of space in this image, as well as the up and down movement of the hose.

Jackson Fine Art (here): Jody Fausett, $5500. The surreal, saturated color matching of cats and sofa upholstery.

Galerie Johannes Faber (here): Bernd and Hilla Becher, $9600. We’ve all seen countless Becher winding towers, but I haven’t seen many vintage prints in intimate sizes like this one. It couldn’t have been larger than 10×8, but it was still powerful.

Monroe Gallery of Photography (here): Nina Berman, $5500. It’s a fracking picture first and foremost, but the soft enveloping glow from the gas flare is what makes it durably memorable.

M+B (here): Jessica Eaton, $5000. If I was an abstract photography collector, I’d be all over Jessica Eaton’s work. Every time I see something new from her, it’s fresh, exciting, and increasingly complex.

Yossi Milo Gallery (here): Alison Rossiter, $6500 each. I know, I know, I highlighted a similar bunch of works by Rossiter in my Armory review. But they’re just so smart that I can’t help myself. They’re small and hardedged from afar, curled and handmade up close.

Paul Cava Fine Art Photographs (here): Emmet Gowin, $7500. I don’t remember ever seeing this double exposure Gowin before, mixing vegetal forms and a nude of Edith.

Winter Works on Paper (here): Charles Jones, $8500. Jones’ sublime fruits and vegetables should be in every chef’s kitchen. Their lush tonalities remind us of how a still life can be magical.

M97 Gallery Shanghai (here): Jiang Zhi, $4500. We’re flower collectors, so we like to think we’ve seen it all when it comes to floral photography. And yet, here’s something new – flowers on fire. This small flaming orchid print came from a portfolio; the price above represents what a larger stand alone print would cost.

PDNB Gallery (here): William Eggleston, $40000. Great sunlight, great color. Enough said.

Charles Schwartz Ltd. (here): Samuel Gottscho, $8000. A tactile print of dark, smoky, Modernist docks.

Continue to Part 3 here.

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