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This is the listing page for our Collector Classifieds. General information about how this process works, how to follow up on an item, how to list your items etc. can be found here.

No items currently listed. Previous items were either sold or have expired.

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  1. moisio /

    i would like to sell some vintage photos on your sitehow is this done?

  2. dlkcollection /

    All the information can be found by following the link in post above, which will take you to a background post with all the details.

  3. Anonymous /

    Sirs, I have in my possession, a photo of Madonna, same as one sold at Christies , black and white 1979. How do I sell it?

  4. dlkcollection /

    As I mentioned in the second comment above, follow the link in the main post above and you’ll find all the details about what we need and where to send it. Another way to find this background post is to use the Index on the right sidebar; click on Collector Classifieds and scroll down.

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