• Mickalene Thomas @Jenkins Johnson

    Pattern contrasts in a recent work by Mickalene Thomas. At Jenkins Johnson (San Francisco).

  • Carrie Mae Weems @Jenkins Johnson

    The elusive blurred form of Josephine Baker. Carrie Mae Weems at Jenkins Johnson (San Francisco).

  • Walker Evans @MoMA

    A grid of early (late 1920s) Walker Evans geometries in the American Modern show at MoMA.

  • Paul Strand @MoMA

    Pared down Modernist elegance. Paul Strand in the American Modern show at MoMA.

  • Alfred Stieglitz @MoMA

    A sublime array of O’Keeffe hands by Alfred Stieglitz in the American Modern show at MoMA.

  • Eleanor Antin @Columbia

    Male paper dolls and a nurse costume. Eleanor Antin at the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia.

  • Abbas @Asia Society

    An impossibly dense crowd of black clad women. Abbas in the Iran Modern show at the Asia Society.

  • Meredyth Sparks @Whitney

    The razor thin scanned edge of a Slits album. Meredyth Sparks in the Test Pattern group show at the Whitney.

  • David Mitchell @Jim Kempner

    Abstraction as shifting planes of ephemeral color. David Mitchell at Jim Kempner Fine Art.

  • David Pace @Corden Potts

    The enveloping orange of a Burkina Faso brick quarry. David Pace at Corden Potts Gallery.

  • John Chervinsky @Corden Potts

    Still life time disrupted by a painted proxy. John Chervinsky at Corden Potts Gallery.

  • David Maisel @Haines

    The black void of a runoff pool. David Maisel mining aerials at Haines Gallery.

  • Richard Learoyd @Fraenkel

    New images from Richard Learoyd in black and white. At Fraenkel Gallery.

  • Miroslav Tichý @Half Gallery

    Blurred, ephemeral voyeurism. Miroslav Tichý at Half Gallery.

  • Charles Nègre @Hans Kraus

    Man in a top hat. A Charles Nègre paper negative/salt print combination at Hans P. Kraus Jr Photographs.

  • Martine Fougeron @Hermès

    A jumbled, multicolored teen sleepover. Martine Fougeron at the Gallery at Hermès.

  • Bryan Schutmaat @Aperture

    Cascading red hair and diner stools. Bryan Schutmaat at Aperture Gallery.

  • Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin @Flomenhaft

    Covered in pi. Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin at Flomenhaft Gallery.

  • Rudolf Steiner @Apexart

    Artist shoots box; hole creates self portrait shooting. Rudolf Steiner at Apexart.

  • Anglea Strassheim @Andrea Meislin

    The rituals of father and son. Angela Strassheim at Andrea Meislin Gallery.