• Vivienne Griffin @Yancey Richardson

    Hexagon shaped collage elements interrupt a reclining figure. Vivienne Griffin in the Desire show at Yancey Richardson.

  • Carolee Schneemann @Carolina Nitsch

    The matching forms of arched nudes and railroad tracks. 1970s era Carolee Schneemann at Carolina Nitsch.

  • Bruce Davidson @Howard Greenberg

    The unusual angle of a man being dragged by his shoes. Bruce Davidson’s Civil Rights photographs at Howard Greenberg Gallery.

  • Susan Derges @Danziger

    Weeds and starry skies instead of leaves and river refractions. Susan Derges in the summer group show at Danziger.

  • Burk Uzzle @Laurence Miller

    A surreal, solitary fish-watching session. Burk Uzzle in the summer group show at Laurence Miller Gallery.

  • Nikolay Bakharev @Julie Saul

    Direct, vulnerable B/W portraits of swimsuited groups/families and interior nudes. Nikolay Bakharev at Julie Saul Gallery.

  • Jim Hodges @FLAG Art Foundation

    Fluttering cut paper leaves fall from a flat image surface of cherry blossoms. Jim Hodges at FLAG Art Foundation.

  • Leon Levinstein @Howard Greenberg

    Gorgeous textures in this Leon Levinstein print, especially the woven hat. In the Staff Picks show at Howard Greenberg.

  • Matthew Pillsbury @Sasha Wolf

    A seductively elegant Matthew Pillsbury bar scene in the drinking show at Sasha Wolf.

  • Sadie Wechsler @Aperture Gallery

    A sinuous sliced landscape in multiple overlapped layers. Sadie Wechsler in the Yale MFA show at Aperture Gallery.

  • Marina Pinsky @Scaramouche

    A still life of parallel textures: brick/concrete and rebar/cherry stem/chain link. Marina Pinsky at Scaramouche Gallery.

  • Erica Baum @Tracy Williams

    Erica Baum’s geometric, almost narrative, dog-eared book pages in the Chick Lit group show at Tracy Williams.

  • Ed Templeton @Joshua Liner

    A corner pyramid of teenage kissers. Ed TempletonĀ in the Folklore group show at Joshua Liner Gallery.

  • Sean Dack @Fitzroy

    Jagged layers of distorted green glitches. Sean Dack at Fitzroy Gallery.

  • Herman Leonard @Robert Mann

    Under the hot lights, Ella Fitzgerald loses herself in the music. Herman Leonard’s jazz photographs at Robert Mann.

  • Hans Bellmer @Derek Eller

    The bulbous rounded forms of Hans Bellmer opened up, in the Hair and Skin summer show at Derek Eller.

  • Wolfgang Tillmans @MoMA

    A wall of 1990s era Wolfgang Tillmans, hung amidst the permanent collection of paintings at MoMA.

  • Ed Kashi @Anastasia Photo

    Jittering, loosely joyful, multiple exposure image of Saigon motorbike cruising. Ed Kashi at Anastasia Photo.

  • Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson @Steven Kasher

    Mysterious colored smoke animates the landscape. Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson in Alchemical at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Bertien van Manen @Andrea Meislin

    Great unexpected angle/vantage point in this Bertien van Manen image in the sleep themed show at Andrea Meislin Gallery.