Booth by Booth Highlights from Paris Photo 2014, Part 5 of 5

While every section of our exhaustive Paris Photo roundup can be enjoyed on its own, for those that want to start at the beginning or who need some further background on how these slideshows are organized/constructed, the first segment of the survey can be found here. The second, third, and fourth segments are here, here, and here.

This section covers the area to the far right of the fair, as seen from the entrance.

Stephen Bulger Gallery (here): The worn sculptural forms of home made prosthetic limbs from Afghanistan. Larry Towell, priced at €8600 for the set of 6.

Robert Morat Galerie (here): The dense bright shininess of impossibly complicated stainless steel technology. Mårten Lange, priced at €1850 each.

Glaz Gallery (here): The contrast between painted landscape murals and manmade apartment blocks/industrial zones. Ivan Mikhaylov, priced at €1000 each.

Galerie Camera Obscura (here): Turning Le Corbusier into elemental geometric abstraction. Lucien Hervé, priced at €4400.

La Galerie Particulière (here): This booth was a solo show of the work of Todd Hido. While Hido’s watery blurred landscapes were most prominent, this melancholy portrait hung near the floor highlighted the photographer’s talent for mood setting with light and color. Priced at €5500 (for the AP).

Galerie m Bochum (here): There is something compelling about the staged uncertainty of this flower patterned portrait – is it a mundane changing of clothes or a seduction? Aino Kannisto, priced at €5000.

Gitterman Gallery (here): A simple photographic exercise (playing with the angles of a broken umbrella), executed with satisfying sophistication and compositional intelligence, made when the artist was in his 70s. Who says late career work has to be tired? Herbert Matter, priced at €20000 for the set of 4 prints.

Silk Road Art Gallery (here): The weighty resigned sadness of a birthday cake. Newsha Tavakolian, priced at €10000.

Scheublein + Bak (here): Silvery twisted abstractions that are reminiscent of fabric but are entirely computer constructed; they investigate the place where process nudges into almost representation. Michael Reisch, priced at €8900.

School Olivier Castaing (here): Plastic swings turned menacing, with encroaching darkness and surreal green grass. Joakim Eneroth, priced at €8500.

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff (here): Clever conceptual popsicles made from dish sponges. PUTPUT, from a series of 14 images, priced at €600-€700 each.

ArteF (here): Smooth silhouettes in fresh powder, perfect for the ski cabin. Arnold Klopfenstein, from the 1930s, priced at €4600.

Christophe Guye Galerie (here): South London interrupted by in-camera insertions of local objects, merging street photography with the photogram process. Stephen Gill, priced at €10500.

Richard Saltoun Gallery (here): Modernist electric towers, from a skew underneath angle. Alexander Rodchenko, priced at €8650.

Gallery Fifty One (here): Vertical paned windows decorated with a gracefully subtle color reflection. Saul Leiter, priced at €21080.

Robert Klein Gallery (here): A solid 19th century French floral. Charles Aubry, in the side room, priced at $15000.

Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain (here): Layered found geometries in telephone poles, building forms, and plywood boarding. Pablo Lobato, priced at €4500.

Flatland Gallery (here): Paolo Ventura multiplied out into hundreds of tiny flag toting, umbrella covered mourners. In a unique, three dimensional installation, shown in a vitrine, priced at €27500.

MEM (here): An echoing, shadowy nude from Osamu Shiihara, glowing with tactile mystery. Priced at €8750.

Robert Koch Gallery (here): Glitched digital abstractions, smartly captured from broken LCD TV screens for sale on eBay. Penelope Umbrico, priced at $4300.

Galerie Thessa Herold (here): Folded paper decorations turned into a shifting, multiple exposure Dada construction. Raoul Hausmann, priced at €7500.

Galerie Tanit (here): I got so busy talking about the saturated color in Gilbert Hage’s image of a cracked red leather backseat in Beirut that I inadvertently forgot to take its picture. Priced at €4800.

Galeri Zilberman (here): This booth was a solo show of the work of Şükran Moral, with unique documents of the artist’s performance, Married with Three, this one with her own crucifixion portrait in the background (the original work is also on view). Each with a lipstick kiss, priced at €10000.

Polka Galerie (here): Jittering color film strips from William Klein’s 1958 Broadway by Light. Recent prints, priced at €4200 each.

Jörg Maass Kunsthandel (here): The all over whiteness of Robert Adams and suburban snow. Priced at €34000.

Steven Kasher Gallery (here): Thin lines of glowing window condensation. Leo Rubinfien, priced at €5280.

Jackson Fine Art (here): This booth was a solo show of the recent work of Mona Kuhn. This standing nude covered by a warm layered reflection was priced at €11600.

Galerie VU’ (here): The rough tenderness of man and dog, as seen with the elegant grit of Anders Petersen. Priced at €3400.

Benrubi Gallery (here): The ephemeral movement of loose, swooping gestures and wavy marks. Lauren Semivan, priced at $3000.

Graphika La Estampa (here): Whitewashed walls and crisp street corner shadows. Lázaro Blanco, priced at €4500.

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