Booth by Booth Highlights from Paris Photo 2014, Part 2 of 5

While every section of our exhaustive Paris Photo roundup can be enjoyed on its own, for those that want to start at the beginning or who need some further background on how these slideshows are organized/constructed, the first segment of the survey can be found here.

This section covers the area to the middle left of the fair, as seen from the entrance.

Galerie Odile Ouizeman (here): This full wall installation by Laurent Pernot (arranged in a subtle wave form) traces the acceleration of time, with found photographs erased and recycled to the point of complete whiteness. Priced at €13000.

Parrotta Contemporary Art (here): This image from Edmund Clark’s Letters to Omar series has a puzzlingly absurd elegance. It depicts a redacted letter sent to a captive at Guantanamo, its content nearly entirely removed, to be replaced by a series of indecipherable stamps and marks generated by the internal processes of the facility. As part of a boxed set of 60 works, the prints are available in smaller grids/sets for €1200 each.

Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise (here): A press photo enlarged to life size, its overpainted markings (used to prepare the image for printing) transformed into mysterious gestural interventions. Sebastian Riemer, priced at €4800.

In Camera Galerie (here): A large scale floral bulb, covered in crawling lizards, a mix of tropical beauty and unsettling invasion. Nobuyoshi Araki, as part of a set of three images priced at €20000.

HackelBury Fine Art (here): A lilting ghostly curve of dark vertical stripes (“dancing sticks”). William Klein, modern prints of 1950s images, priced at $17000.

Galerie Melanie Rio (here): Rich velvety interior blackness, interrupted by a strip of white light. Jean-Claude Pondevie, priced at €2600.

Galerie Lumière des Roses (here): A 1860s game hunting still life (rabbit and bird), seen in negative and positive. Alphonse de Launay, priced at €7000.

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (here): This was a solo booth of the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, as curated by Isabelle Huppert. This elegant lesser known study of twisted arms and folded neck stood out from the usual suspects. Priced at $15000.

Galerie Dominique Fiat (here): A tight installation of Ed Templeton’s freshly raw boardwalks, streets, and kisses, set against a hot pink wall. Individually priced between €1200 and €2400.

Klemm’s (here): New work from Viktoria Binschtok. Starting with an image of blue and yellow vitamins, she fed the picture through a search engine, looking for connections made by the software; the results were then restaged by the artist and turned into a progression/series, where the colors repeat through a table scene and then further morph into the front and back of an apron. Priced at €12000 for the set of 4.

Galerie Gilles Peyroulet & Cie (here): Reflected boat masts and interrupting wires. Eli Lotar, from 1928, priced at €12000.

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery (here): A photograph reconsidered as a layered grid of hanging strings, each covered in dabs of acrylic. Robert Currie, priced at $38000.

Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire (here): An exhaustive typology of Fukushima buildings, some untouched, others completely destroyed. Antoine D’Agata, priced at €8500.

Rose Gallery (here): William Eggleston in black and white. A tremendous composition of curved curb, angled roofline with dots, and sleek automobile with valet. Priced at €20500.

Suzanne Tarasieve (here): New work from Boris Mikhailov in the streets of Kiev. A towering mass of tires, pallets, wood, and barbed wire, turned into a rough pile of energetic geometries. Priced at €35000.

Gagosian Gallery (here): New work from Thomas Ruff. 1920s appropriated nudes/negatives, reworked in a blue palette reminiscent of a cyanotype. Priced at €6000.

Galerie Xippas (here): Blankets of clouds poked through by single buildings, civilization nearly made invisible by nature. Cao Guimarães, €5000 each.

Galeria Filomena Soares (here): A series of fingers walking across a black/white threshold. Helena Almeida, hung near the closet doorway, priced at €60000.

Magnin-A (here): Self portraits mixing images of notable Africans in European history with the trappings of modern day soccer stars. Omar Victor Diop, priced at €6000 each.

Michael Hoppen Gallery (here): Sidewalk portraits, seen from above with an eye for the colors/forms of backs, coats, scarves, and hair. Eamonn Doyle, priced at €1350 each.

Galerie Bob van Orsouw (here): Impressive recent works by Bernard Voïta, where the chaos of the studio resolves into meticulously controlled angles and constructed arrangements. One of my favorite new discoveries of the fair. Priced at €15300.

Pace/MacGill Gallery (here): Double exposure images merging pinup girls and Providence buildings, often with clever textual references. 1960s Harry Callahan, sold as a set of 4, $60000.

Robert Mann Gallery (here): The craggy clawed hand of Henry Moore. Richard Avedon, priced at €38000.

Camera Work (here): New work by Bettina Rheims, from a series of eccentric exaggerated portraits of British “it girls”. Priced at €21500.

The Third Gallery Aya (here): This booth was a mini retrospective of the work of Miyako Ishiuchi. This angled image of the chrysanthemum symbol on a Japanese naval vessel is from her early Yokosuka Story series. Priced at €12230.

Silverlens Galleries (here): A typology of portraits of women from Kalinga (the Philippines), featuring their elaborate traditional tattoos. Priced at €2200 each.

Magnum Gallery (here): The gritty, crazed energy of a young Japanese girl and her guinea pig. Jacob Aue Sobol, priced at €2300.

Part 3 of our summary can be found here. Parts 4 and 5 are here and here.

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