Auction Preview: Saturday @Phillips, New York, April 25, 2009

Phillips has another of its entry level Saturday @Phillips sales in New York in two weeks, and once again, there is a wide variety of decent photography buried among the furniture, contemporary prints, and Japanese toys. Out of 420 lots on offer, 86 are photographs, with a total high estimate of $310300. (Catalogue cover at right.)

Here’s the breakdown:
Total Low lots (high estimate $10000 or lower): 81
Total Low estimate (sum of high estimates of Low lots): $235300
Total Mid lots (high estimate between $10000 and $50000): 5
Total Mid estimate: $75000
Total High lots (high estimate over $50000): 0
Total High estimate: NA
It has become somewhat of a tradition in these posts to provide a complete list of photographers in the Saturday sales, as they seem to provide a snapshot of the current tastes of the contemporary market, with both established artists and newcomers mixed together. So here’s the list:
Doug Aitken
Nobuyoshi Araki
Matthew Barney
Vanessa Beecroft
Hisham Akira Bharoocha
Nick Brandt
Keith Carter
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Sarah Charlesworth
Chuck Close
Andre De Dienes
Walter De Maria
Cheryl Dunn
William Eggleston
Elliot Erwitt
Fischli & Weiss
Lee Friedlander
Nan Goldin
Antony Gormley
Kim Hiorthoy
Matthias Hoch
Candida Hofer
Frank Horvat
Isaac Julien
Richard Kern
Elke Krystufek
Barney Kulok
Nikki S. Lee
Annie Leibovitz
Zoe Leonard
Vera Lutter
Gered Mankowitz
Malerie Marder
Steve McCurry
Marilyn Minter
Richard Misrach
Daido Moriyama
Vik Muniz
Helmut Newton
Catherine Opie
Man Ray
Herb Ritts
Thomas Ruff
Roy Schatt
Lawrence Schiller
David Seidner
Mark Seliger
Cindy Sherman
Stephen Shore
Julius Shulman
Alec Soth
Doug & Mike Starn
Bert Stern
Joel Sternfeld
Jock Sturges
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Larry Sultan
Wolfgang Tillmans
Rosemarie Trockel
Ruud Van Empel
Massimo Vitali
Albert Watson
Edward Weston
Bob Willoughby
Garry Winogrand
Thomas Wrede
Erwin Wurm

The lot by lot catalogue can be found here.

While there isn’t much in this sale that fits our specific collection, I did enjoy Lot 220 Daido Moriyama, Another City, New York, 2007 and Lot 280 Vera Lutter, Engine, Frankfurt Airport, April 19, 2001. (Lutter image at right.)

Saturday @Phillips
April 25, 2009
Phillips De Pury & Company
450 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011

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