Auction Results: Photography and Contemporary Art II, June 3 and 4, 2016 @Lempertz

Works by Albert Renger-Patzsch led the way to solid results at the recent Photography and Contemporary Art sales at Kunsthaus Lempertz in Cologne. With five positive surprises (among a total of 20 across the sale) among the Renger-Patzsch lots on offer, including a close-up rattlesnake image which soared to more than 7X its high estimate, even an overall Buy-in rate of over 40% couldn’t dampen the outcome. In the end, the Total Sale Proceeds topped the aggregate pre-sale high estimate.

The summary statistics are below (all results include the buyer’s premium):

Summary Statistics
Total Lots 206
Aggregate Pre Sale Low Estimate NA
Aggregate Pre Sale High Estimate €541700
Total Lots Sold 116
Total Lots Bought In 90
Buy In % 43.69%
Total Sale Proceeds €578683

Here is the breakdown (using the Low, Mid, and High definitions from the preview post):

Detailed Breakdown
Low Total Lots 194
Total Low Lots Sold 110
Total Low Lots Bought In 84
Low Buy In % 43.30%
Aggregate High Estimate of Low Lots €367700
Total Proceeds from Low Lots €320143
Mid Total Lots 12
Total Mid Lots Sold 6
Total Mid Lots Bought In 6
Mid Buy In % 50.00%
Aggregate High Estimate of Mid Lots €174000
Total Proceeds from Mid Lots €258540
Total High Lots 0
Total High Lots Sold NA
Total High Lots Bought In NA
High Buy In % NA
Aggregate High Estimate of High Lots €0
Total Proceeds from High Lots €0

The top lot by High estimate was lot 9, Karl Blossfeldt, Salvia argentea (Sage), 1920-1925, estimated at €18000-25000; it did not sell. The top outcome the sale was lot 20, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Natterkopf, 1925, estimated at €15000-20000, sold at €148800 (image in preview post).

Only 68.97% of the lots that sold had proceeds in or above the estimate range, but there were a total of 20 surprises in the sales (defined as having proceeds of at least double the high estimate) (images above, via Lempertz):

Lot 1, Wilhelm Schneider, Mann mit Jagdausrüstung, c1860, estimated at €1200, sold at €2976

Lot 4, Isaiah West Taber and other photographers, Views of Northern America and Mexico, 1880s/1890s, estimated at €1500-2000, sold at €17360

Lot 14, August Sander, Untitled (Twins), c1930, estimated at €800, sold at €1984

Lot 18, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Mantelpavian (Sacred Baboon), c1928, estimated at €5000-6000, sold at €31000

Lot 20, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Natterkopf, 1925, estimated at €15000-20000, sold at €148800 (image in preview post)

Lot 22, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Buchen I, 1925-1929, estimated at €2000-3000, sold at €7440

Lot 23, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Strumpffabrik Schocken, Chemnitz, 1925, estimated at €6000-8000, sold at €31000

Lot 26, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Near Essen, 1929, estimated at €4000-5000, sold at €24800

Lot 28, Alfred Ehrhardt, Wind formt feine Wellen in den Sand (from the series: Kurische Nehrung), 1934, estimated at €800-1000, sold at €6200

Lot 29, Kurt Kranz, Bauhaus Dessau, Werkstatt-Gebäude, Fassade, 1930, estimated at €1500-2000, sold at €4464

Lot 46, Robert Preil, Huthbild, Kurt Schwitters, 1919, estimated at €600-800, sold at €1984

Lot 78, Josef Bartuska, Untitled, 1935, estimated at €800, sold at €2976

Lot 116, Chargesheimer, Voodu, 1961, estimated at €1500-1800, sold at €5704

Lot 117, Chargesheimer, Mantra, 1961, estimated at €1500-1800, sold at €4712

Lot 127, Werner Bischof, Auf dem Weg nach Cuzco, Peru, 1954/later, estimated at €2000, sold at €4216

Lot 147, Peter Liebling, Sprung in die Freiheit, 1961, estimated at €1500, sold at €5208

Lot 165, Ralph Gibson, Untitled (from the series: The Somnambulist), 1969, estimated at €800, sold at €2480

Lot 176, Martin Parr, Untitled (from the series: British Food), 1995, estimated at €800, sold at €1612

Lot 177, Martin Parr, Untitled (from the series: Common Sense), 1997, estimated at €2000, sold at €4464

Lot 753, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Kühltürme, 1963-1969, estimated at €10000-15000, sold at €38440

Complete lot by lot results can be found here.

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