Auction Results: Modern and Contemporary Photographs, May 30, 2018 @Grisebach

A Moholy-Nagy photogram was the top outcome at the recent Modern and Contemporary Photographs sale at Grisebach in Berlin, becoming the highest priced photograph (€487500) ever sold at auction in Germany. 16 positive surprises buoyed the rest of the sale, and while the overall Buy-In rate came in over 39%, the Total Sale Proceeds found their way to the middle of the aggregate pre-sale estimate range.

The summary statistics are below (all results include the buyer’s premium):

Summary Statistics
Total Lots 210
Aggregate Pre Sale Low Estimate €988800
Aggregate Pre Sale High Estimate €1464500
Total Lots Sold 128
Total Lots Bought In 82
Buy In % 39.05%
Total Sale Proceeds €1199999

Here is the breakdown (using our typical Low, Mid, and High definitions):

Detailed Breakdown
Low Total Lots 184
Total Low Lots Sold 112
Total Low Lots Bought In 72
Low Buy In % 39.13%
Aggregate High Estimate of Low Lots €489500
Total Proceeds from Low Lots €394999
Mid Total Lots 22
Total Mid Lots Sold 12
Total Mid Lots Bought In 10
Mid Buy In % 45.45%
Aggregate High Estimate of Mid Lots €305000
Total Proceeds from Mid Lots €157500
Total High Lots 4
Total High Lots Sold 4
Total High Lots Bought In 0
High Buy In % 0.00%
Aggregate High Estimate of High Lots €670000
Total Proceeds from High Lots €647500

The top lot by High estimate was lot 2062, László Moholy-Nagy, Untitled, Weimar, 1923/1925, estimated at €300000-500000. It was also the top outcome of the sale at €487500 (image above, via Grisebach).

97.66% of the lots that sold had proceeds in or above the estimate range and there were a total of 16 positive surprises in the sale (defined as having proceeds of at least double the high estimate) (images above, via Grisebach):

Lot 2008, Elliott Erwitt, „Rio de Janeiro“, 1984, estimated at €3500-4500, sold at €9375

Lot 2013, Bleike Bleiken, Stairs, Kampen (Sylt), 1950/2010, estimated at €800-1200, sold at €2625

Lot 2018, Alfred Ehrhardt, Klarer Wellenbau, aus der Serie „Das Watt“, 1933/1937, estimated at €2500-3500, sold at €11250

Lot 2029, Miroslav Tichý, Untitled, 1970s/1980s, estimated at €2500-3500, sold at €7750

Lot 2032, Bettina Rheims, Emika, feeling like a new woman, 2014, estimated at €1000-1500, sold at €4750

Lot 2095, Wolf Strache, „Berlin: Shell-Haus“, 1935/later, estimated at €900-1300, sold at €4250

Lot 2108, Karl Hugo Schmölz, Cinema Atlantis on Weseler Str., Duisburg., 1955, estimated at €400-600, sold at €4000

Lot 2115, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Winter Day on the lake near Körbecke, 1946/1950s, estimated at €3000-4000, sold at €12500

Lot 2116, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Gas and Power, 1932, estimated at €5000-7000, sold at €42500

Lot 2118, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Gas Tank/Pit Hannover, Bochum-Hordel, Ruhr district, 1965/1974, estimated at €4000-6000, sold at €12500

Lot 2119, Piet Zwart, Stofzuigerslang (vacuum-cleaner tube), 1930, estimated at €500-700, sold at €1625

Lot 2150, Alexander Rodchenko, Pioneer Girl, 1930, estimated at €3000-5000, sold at €26250

Lot 2153, Dmitry Georgiyevich Debabov, Magnitogorsk, 1936, estimated at €1200-1800, sold at €3750

Lot 2156, Thomas Lüttge, „Vier auf der Mauer“, Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, 1989/2015, estimated at €500-700, sold at €1625

Lot 2159, Thomas Lüttge, „Klar im Geschmack“, Western Berlin, 1983/2016, estimated at €500-700, sold at €1500

Lot 2161, Thomas Sandberg, „Kind in Boizenburg, Deutschland“, 1980, estimated at €800-1000, sold at €3375

Complete lot by lot results can be found here.

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