Auction Preview: Innovators of Photography: A Private East Coast Collection, October 8, 2015 @Phillips

Phillips begins its fall photography season with a single owner sale drawn from a private East Coast collection. It’s a relatively small selection mixing a broad range of vintage (some later print) and more contemporary imagery, with a handful of major images from Arbus and Eggleston carrying much of the load. Overall, there are a total of 53 lots available, with a Total High Estimate of $1896500.

Here’s the statistical breakdown:

Preview Statistics
Total Low Lots (high estimate up to and including $10000) 18
Total Low Estimate (sum of high estimates of low lots) $96500
Total Mid Lots (high estimate between $10000 and $50000) 28
Total Mid Estimate $700000
Total High Lots (high estimate above $50000) 7
Total High Estimate $1100000

The top lot by High estimate is tied between two lots: lot 17, Diane Arbus, A Family on their Lawn one Sunday in Westchester, NY, 1968/1968-1971, and lot 21, William Eggleston, Memphis, 1969-1970/1970s, both estimated at $250000-350000 (images above, via Phillips).

Here’s the complete list of photographers with three or more lots in the sales, along with the number of lots on offer:

Multiple Lots For Sale
William Eggleston 4
Lee Friedlander 4
Sandy Skoglund 4
Henri Cartier-Bresson 3

Other lots of interest include (images above, via Phillips):

Lot 23, William Eggleston, Jackson, Mississippi, 1969-1970/1980s, estimated at $50000-70000

Lot 29, Pieter Hugo, Jatto with Mainasara, Ogere-Remo, Nigeria, 2007, estimated at $30000-50000

Lot 32, Mickalene Thomas, Afro Goddess with Hand between Legs, 2006, estimated at $4000-6000

Lot 42, Larry Sultan, Tasha’s Third Film, 1998, estimated at $10000-15000

The complete lot by lot catalog can be found here. The sale is also available on eBay (here).

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