A Sincere Plug for our 2010 Sponsors

I’d like to end this year with a sincere plug for the 2010 sponsors of DLK COLLECTION. Given that the vast majority of our readers subscribe to the feed (rather than arriving directly to the site), many of you may not even realize that we have sponsors. In fact we do, and their banners fly proudly along the sidebar.

As a friendly reminder, although we don’t have non-profit status, being a photography critic/blogger is undeniably a money losing proposition. It’s also a massive time sink, and if it wasn’t such an amazingly gratifying and challenging labor of love, a rational person would give it up right away.

Our sponsors provide something extremely valuable that our mostly silent readers, followers, and intermittent anonymous visitors don’t: they provide a public vote of confidence for what we are doing. With their dollars and their brands, they support the grand idea of a multitude of hopefully intelligent voices engaging in thoughtful discussion about photography of all kinds.

But let’s not be confused however. While counting the number of click throughs or page views of a banner is mildly entertaining, the point of sponsoring this site is to get bodies in the door, to add subscribers (for the magazines), and to generate tangible sales. If we can reliably connect the dots between reading reviews on this site and buying photographs in the real world, then we’re doing much more than just shouting into the void.

While each and every one of our 2010 sponsors is deserving of my heartfelt thanks and your disposable income, I would particularly like to highlight the support of Janet Borden Inc. (here). Janet’s gallery has been an anchor sponsor of this site for the entire year, taking the top banner slot month after month. She has been tirelessly enthusiastic about the evolution of this blog, and has been quick to point out my delusions and misguided opinions with her biting wit. Her persistent encouragement, even when her show of the moment didn’t get 3 STARS, has been invaluable. If you find enjoyment in what we are doing here, I urge you to reward Janet for giving her support when it wasn’t even remotely obvious. Get down to Soho and buy that Lee Friedlander, Tina Barney, Martin Parr (or whoever) that you have been coveting, and tell Janet that one of the reasons you are there with your dollars out is that you read DLK COLLECTION. You can thank me by thanking her.

Our other monthly sponsors also deserve your attention and your patronage. They have chosen to stand and be counted as well, so open your wallets folks and show them you value their commitment to independent photography writing:

Amador Gallery (here)
ClampArt (here)
Robert Koch Gallery (here)
Lee Gallery (here)
Photograph magazine (here)
Von Lintel Gallery (here)

Finally, I’d like to send out an authentic thank you to the many sponsors (past, present and future) of other photography blogs. This is a vibrant and collegial community and the dollars that are spent in support of Joerg Colberg or AD Coleman, Marc Feustel or Andy Adams, or countless other important voices are critical to keeping them on the air. I know from experience: don’t underestimate what a small amount of support will do for the confidence of a writer wondering if they can feed the beast with something intelligent for yet another day. And by the way, their daily traffic of targeted, photography-loving visitors is likely larger than the entire client database of most galleries.

This is the last post of 2010. We’ll be back in January, starting with the posts that didn’t get done this week: the 2010 Auction Summary, the Top 10 Photobooks of 2010, and hopefully some reviews of books that came out from under the tree. Happy Holidays!

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  1. a japanese book /

    Warm cheers from Japan.
    Many thanks for your year-long, invaluable review work.
    We'll be here, not through a feed reader, in 2011 too.

  2. John Legweak /

    Just wanted to note as a regular visitor that I always notice your sponsors and check out the ones I'm not already familiar with. They obviously know a great photography blog when they see one. 🙂

  3. verninino /

    Since they are among the few dozen galleries my wife and I used to frequent (BK — before kids), I usually use your ads as springboards.

    Unfortunately for a few months we've strayed away from many of our photography interests. Barely perusing even the Photograph magazine when it arrives. Just now, while playing catch up, I noticed that we missed a Yamamoto Masao show (one of my wife's favorites!) at Robert Koch– Von Lintel also has a small trove of his treasures. I reckon that'll be a lesson for us: don't drop off the grid.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to your auction (and especially) book roundup. Your the best guide since Virgil.

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